Top 20 Best Selling Stirrer Accessories Stirrers, Mixers & Accessories (2022)

Heidolph overhead stirrer propeller-type impeller shafts are recommended for applications which require average to high speeds. This impeller is designed for mixing tasks with medium to high viscosities. Manufactured from AISI solid 304 stainless steel wh ... more info

SEOH PTFE Magnet Retriever 250 x 10mm ... more info

Reaction block for one 250ml round bottom flask ... more info

A lab stirrer mixes substances for a variety of academic, research, or industrial applications such as solutions in chemistry and biology and food and beverage production. There are two basic types of stirrers: magnetic or overhead. Magnetic stirrers are ... more info

For fastening ETS-D5 or ETS-D6 to the support rod H 16 V. ... more info

Sturdy Rigid PTFE Retriever for Stirring Bars, Spinbars, Stirbars. ... more info

SEOH Polypropylene Magnet Retriever 300 x 10mm ... more info

The Corning Stirrer Top Plate Assembly is a replacement top plate assembly for Corning PC-400/420 hot plates and stirrers. The assembly is wired for installation on the base of the hot plate or stirrer. It is made of glass-ceramic (Pyroceram) for uniform ... more info

SEOH PTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth 150 x 10mm ... more info

Made of stainless steel, for use with RCT basic safety control and RET basic. Depth of immersion: 230 mm Diameter: 3 mm Material: AISI 316 Ti ... more info

Protective Silicone Cover for Scilogex MS-H-Pro/MS-H-S Hotplate-Stirrers ... more info

Stirrer blade made of 1/8 thick solid PTFE for use with both Chem-Stir and button style stirring shafts having a 10mm OD. ... more info

Lab Companion manufactures laboratory furniture and equipment such as environmental test chambers, ovens and desiccators, and labware. The company, founded in 1988 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, meets International Organization for Standardizati ... more info

Allows for expanding #7560 Universal Support to desired height ... more info

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