Top 20 Best Selling STI Group Patio & Garden Brands (2020)

Add dramatic light to your garden or porch with the Solar Chameleon Crackled Glass Gazing Ball and Pedestal. A crackled glass globe rests atop a resin pedestal, adorned with butterfly, flower, and bird shapes for a natural motif. Gaze in wonder as the LED ... more info

Sunjet 150 solar powered pump used for small applications with statuary basins or fountains and only operates in direct sunlight ... more info

Solar powered Stainless Path Light with blue LED light made from steel and acrylic used for walk ways, drive ways or sidewalks ... more info

Solar powered Mole and Gopher chaser made from metal and plastic uses high pitch frequency to deter varmit and rodents ... more info

Solar powered Chameleon 驴 Globelight with garden stake, pedestal base and floats on any pond or pool ... more info

Magnetic Drive in-line or submersible pump with ceramic shaft and a 16 foot power cable and is rated at 2250 gallons per hour ... more info

Magnetic Drive submersible pump with ceramic shaft and a 6 foot power cable and is rated at 75 gallons per hour ... more info

This whimsical Smart Solar Country Gardens birdbath is solar powered so there are no operating expenses or wiring.聽Simply place the fountain in direct sunlight and the solar panel powers a low voltage pump which recycles water under the watchful gaze of 2 ... more info

Solar powered Floating Pond Lily made from resin includes panel and pump kit and anchoring net for use in ponds or fountains ... more info

Black Pillar Fountain made from durable fiberglass and resin includes glass pebble accent rocks and magnetic drive pump ... more info

Standard floating ring made from high grade black plastic and foam used with the five membrane pond fogger S-112 ... more info

The Tall Illusion slate fountain made from real slate includes accent pebbles and a magnetic drive pump ... more info

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