Top 20 Best Selling Starter Balls & Bats Plastic Bats (2019)

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat Combo includes an exact replica of the genuine C271 34 big league bat but made of plastic, and a safe plastic baseball for great backyard fun. The bat has an authentic wood grain look and is made in the USA. ... more info

The Franklin Sport Pro Style 33.5 Plastic Bat and Ball Set features a pro style bat with a rubber grip. Includes a 70mm plastic baseball. Great for ages 6 and up. ... more info

The Slurve Ball is the ultimate plastic backyard baseball. It is aerodynamically designed to allow you to throw like a pro. It features a lightly textured plastic outer surface for a no slip grip. The unique center channel design allows for added control. ... more info

The Franklin Sport Jumbo Plastic Bat features a foam grip and a 3.25 size barrel. Great for ages 3 and up. Colors may vary. ... more info

You will receive (12) sets of Baseball and Bat Combos from Wiffle More About Wiffle Baseball and Bat sets: The highest quality bats and ball made Perforated plastic baseball and 32 plastic bat set 35 height Sets are sold by the dozen The WIFFLE ball wa ... more info

The Champion Sports Plastic Bat and Ball Combo includes one 28in plastic bat and 1 plastic ball. This combo is great for teaching little ones how to hit a ball thanks to its lightweight plastic design. The hollow structure provides a safer alternative to ... more info

US Games 1152036 Big ''E'' Bats (SET) ... more info

The Champion Sports Plastic Bat is perfect for players of all ages! Made of lightweight plastic, this 28in bat is ideal for P.E. classes or recreational clubs and is a safer alternative to heavier wooden or aluminum bats. ... more info

Crossover Symmetry Crossover Cords Crossover Cords feature a unique handle and carabiner configuration allowing for easy setup on a chain link fence or using our CS Door Belts/Wall Mounts. In addition, the Crossover Cords feature a full length nylon sleev ... more info

Batter up! Lightweight, hollow plastic sets are safe and perfect for little sluggers of every age... great for camps, picnics, and loads of outdoor fun! ... more info

The Champion Sports Plastic Bat is the strongest hollow bat on the market! Perfect for recreational play, this plastic bat is lightweight and perfect for all age groups. The bottle shaped barrel provides a larger surface contact making it great for rookie ... more info

The perfect kids training tool to help them build confidence at a very young age. The lightweight wide barrel bat makes hitting easier while keeping surrounding areas and people safe. ... more info

The Franklin Sport High Bounce Plastic Bat and Ball features a 27 plastic bat with clear barrel that stores your baseballs. Screw off the cap for ball access. Includes high bounce baseball. Great for ages 6 and up. ... more info

The Franklin Sport Oversized Adjustable Bat and Ball Set features a plastic bat that adjusts in length. The barrel is 3.25. Includes one baseball. Great for ages 4 and up. ... more info

The Franklin Sports MLB Bat and Ball To Go is perfect for recreational play and batting practice! Each set includes a durable plastic bat with 3 colorful plastic balls. The 27in bat features a clear barrel with a screw off cap for convenient ball storage. ... more info

27 1/2 oversized high-impact hollow plastic bat with a 3 1/2 diameter barrel. Its large diameter barrel helps guarantee success. Available in a set of 6 (red, yellow, orange, blue, green & purple). ... more info

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