Top 20 Best Selling Stand Lights General Accessories (2022)

Mighty Bright proudly introduces the ultimate Orchestra Light. Utilising a combination of modern LED technology and precisely engineered optics, the Orchestra Light is the brightest, most efficient, most versatile music stand light on the market. Nine LE ... more info

Our fiercest, most powerful book light ever, the HammerHead LED Book Light derives its moniker from its distinctive light bar. Use its six LEDs in one of two brightness settings to scare away the darkness. With the intense bright white light you've come t ... more info

Stop Wasting Batteries on Poor Lighting * Sick of dim lighting and hard-to-read sheet music? * Tired of blinding light that disturbs others nearby? * Fed up with flimsy lamps that devour your batteries? Perform Music without Missing a Beat * View more of ... more info

The revolutionary music stand light with two fully adjustable goosenecks to cover two pages of sheet music and more! Two large LEDs with separate switches never need replacing.Specifications: Dual goosenecks Dual Super LED lights with separate sw ... more info

The Best Choice for Musicians, Readers and Workers!Introducing the Lumiens L2 LED Light- Lightweight high quality material- Clip on style- Great for music stands, pianos, orchestra pits, work tables, mixing tables, dark clubs and more...- Great for readin ... more info

An extremely flexible LED light for your music stand or low light situations backstage. Position in ANY direction imaginable! Self standing or clip to any surface.Specifications: Batteries included (3AAA's) Xtra battery life - up to 40 hours ... more info

Important: This Clip-On Music Stand LED Light is Sold and produced By Great Deal Happy! Please buy from the seller GREAT DEAL HAPPY. NEW Bright Clip-On Orchestra Music Stand LED Light Sold By Great Deal Happy -2 Bright Levels; -3 Power Sources Feature: ... more info

Light up music for late night practicing or dark concert halls. The ultimate in attractive design and simplicity. Features include glare-free full-width, audience-shielded illumination, ample clearance of even the taller scores of music, and dual clips fo ... more info

Many people is familiar with double-head led light and enjoyed the convenience for its power saving bright light, flexible neck and clamp in the bottom. Apart from the these, what Mudder double-head led light can provide to make you satisfy and get a grea ... more info

Housing color: blackTotal length: about 32 cm ( foldable rod, with clip on the bottom )Single fan head size: 5.6 x 7 cmPower supply: 3 x AAA batteries ( not included )Note: the switch is on the fan head and press the switch to turn it on.1 x Clip on dual ... more info

1. Using 9 high-brightness LED lights with more energy, not heat does not hurt the eyes characteristics, the life of 10 million hours of normal use without replacement. 2. Pole design using metal hoses, flexible and strong, high hardness, setting in any ... more info

The Encore Light is a miniature version of our popular Orchestra Light. Featuring a similarly sleek body design, the Encore's light bar contains six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs, along with an integrated back fin to shield the brilliant light from ... more info

With 9 super-bright LEDs, It brings you incredibly bright light. Its flexible gooseneck can be wrapped tightly, so be sure to bring this light wherever you go! Whether you're playing, or singing, the light makes every performance perfect. ... more info

The ML-19 Super Wide Music Stand Light from JSI has the power to illuminate 4 pages of sheet music using 3 AA batteries, power adapter, or the USB cable...all included! The 9 LED bulbs used are super bright and eliminate the need for bulb replacement. Usi ... more info

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