Top 20 Best Selling Sprinklers Watering Equipment (2021)

The Contech Electronics Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler presents an innovative, humane way to keep pets and wildlife from disturbing your yard and garden without the use of complicated traps or potentially hazardous chemicals. The sprinkler combines ... more info

NELSON RAIN TRAIN TRAVEL SPRINKLER *Covers up to 13500 square feet *Travels up to 200 feet *Propels across the lawn following the pattern you lay out with the hose *Equipped with 3 speed settings *Designed to automatically shut off at any given point alon ... more info

Noodlehead Llc N111C The Flexible Lawn & Garden SprinklerNoodlehead Llc N111C The Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler Features: Attach to a standard garden hose Also screws onto a riser It's quick, easy and fun to use Create your own perfect pattern Adapt to ... more info

The Gilmour pulsating Pattern Master sprinklers allow flexibility in watering unique-shaped lawns. The Flexible Pattern Ring has 12 adjustable points for controlling the distance of spray. By pushing up the red ring from underneath you reduce the distance ... more info

The ideal sprinkler that will be sure to take care of your watering needs. Green Thumb, oscillating sprinkler. This sprinkler provides up to 3,000 square feet of coverage. Rectangular spray pattern, with turbo heart non-puddling action. 59 position dial-a ... more info

Turbo gear oscillating sprinkler with adjustable range control and covers up to 3700 sq. ft. Area coverage of approx. 56ft x 67ft. Plastic water tube barrel with 18 precision jets. ... more info

Gardena 1980 Polo 2,400 Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler With Adjustable Garden Spray RangeSpray range fully adjustable.Area coverage is 950 - 2400 square feetAdjustable range is 23-feet to 56-feet2,400 square foot coverage ... more info

Metal Oscillating Sprnkler w/Metal Nozzles, Waters up to 3600 Sq. Ft. The Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler is ideal for large lawns. The quiet turbo design provides a gentle rain that is great for newly seeded areas. The range is adjustable to water only what ... more info

The Orbit Yard Enforcer is the easiest and most effective way to keep deer away from the garden, repel dogs off the lawn, and deter cats out of flowerbeds. Other pest and animal repellent methods simply do not provide the same level of simplicity and cont ... more info

Rain Bird's Flat blade screwdriver and pullup tool is used to adjust rotor radius and flow, making it easy to pull up rotors for adjustment. ... more info

Orbit tripod sprinkler features a heavy duty 1/2 in. zinc head that is adjustable to reach up to 80 ft. in diameter in a partial to full circle. It is attached to a tripod base that adjusts from a 16 in. to 37 1/2 in. height. The base connects easily to a ... more info

Versatile metal turret sprinkler with eight patterns to choose from. Easy connection with the polymer swivel nut. Pattern options range from ring, -squareuare, wedge, rectangle, small circle, large circle, half circle and bowtie. ... more info

The Sprinkler Key Holder is made from a real sprinkler system head so it looks real and no one will ever suspect your hiding place. Whether you are keeping an extra key handy for yourself or leaving money or small documents for someone else, this is the i ... more info

The first reliable wireless rain sensor. ... more info

Great for medium to large yards and watering areas, the Brass Telescoping 3-Arm Sprinkler with Aluminum Step Spike is capable of covering areas up to 50' in diameter. The height of the 3-Arm Sprinkler is adjustable from 23 to 35 and the convenient step sp ... more info

This Melnor Two Zone Aqua Timer waters two zones of your lawn or garden up to 6 times per day on different schedules. It's easy to use with dial operation and holds onto its programming through a battery charge. The large LCD screen lets you view the enti ... more info

Add value, versatility, and convenience to your underground watering system with the Rain Bird SST-600i six-station automatic indoor sprinkler timer. The Simple-to-Set Timer allows you to schedule different watering times for up to 6 zones. (View la ... more info

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