Top 20 Best Selling Sprinklers Pools & Water Fun Toys (2021)

3 years & up. Get those children moving with some outdoor water play action! ... more info

SW Express Geyser Blast Sprinkler is a spinning, spraying typhoon in your backyard. The unpredictable spraying action of this twisting sprinkler is a great way to keep lots kids cool on a hot day. Easily attaches to any standard garden hose. It is recomme ... more info

A fire hydrant garden hose sprinkler that sprays water 8 feet in the air. ... more info

Poleish Sports combines elements of virtually all outdoor games and lawn sports. Throwing, catching, strategy, teamwork, offense, and defense are part of every toss in game play. The game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams. The object of the game is ... more info

You put your left foot in, you take your right arm out...this intriguing sprinkler ring inspires all kinds of games and active play! And at 6 feet in diameter, it can entertain a crowd. Hooks to your garden hose, spraying water in every direction. Ring ar ... more info

The fun never stops with this giant 88 sprinkler that splashes water as you roll it around! ... more info

This giant inflatable globe helps the world come alive for your children! With a diameter of 20 (50.8cm), this inflatable globe vividly displays the continents, countries, capitals and major cities as well as the oceans of the globe. Made of durable vinyl ... more info

Stomp on the water-filled pads and ambush your friends with a blast of water before they blast you! The Stomp N'Splash Blast Pad brings explosive water action into your backyard for nonstop summer fun! ... more info

Splashing outdoor fun! 35 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Water Spray Mat. Ages 3 and up ... more info

Wacky wiggling water pillar gushes water Segmented caterpillar body Easy hose attachment 6-wild water-spraying arms 2- crazy wiggling antennae ... more info

Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse giant 28 inflatable ball sprinkler is the ultimate beach ball. Simply inflate it, hook it to the hose, and watch the fun begin! Rolls around and sprays from 4 spray heads. Full color Mickey Mouse graphics, great water fun ... more info

Water Sports, LLC Water Tag Kit. Water Tag is designed for more competitive water battles! Using any water launcher, blast your opponent, filling their Water Tag vest. Players are out when the water gauge is filled on the Water Tag vest. Also fun for team ... more info

Pinewood Derby PRO Super Speed Axles with Graphite-Coating are fastest axle possible! Graphite stays on axles throughout all your races, long after powdered graphite falls off other axles. Two grooves, one on axle shaft, the other under axle head, act ... more info

Cool off with the Stream Machine TL-500 Water Launcher super soaking water gun. Perfect water gun for soaking wet fun in the backyard, pool, beach or boat, this 8-inch single barrel water launcher shoots a 3/8-inch wide stream of water up to 70-feet. For ... more info

Run around the giant sprinkler ball for a splashing good time, provides beach ball fun with water play right in your backyard. Four large water spouts bound to turn a hot summer day in a refreshing fun time. Attachs to any garden hose. ... more info

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