Top 20 Best Selling Sprinkler Heads Automatic Irrigation Equipment (2021)

Rain Bird SW10-30PK spot watering emitter. 1.0 GPH pressure compensating emitter ideal for watering root zones of plants, trees, and container plantings. Convenient re-sealable zip lock plastic bag contains 30 emitters. They can be used in-line with 1/4 t ... more info

Rain Bird SW20-30PK spot watering emitter. Rain Bird SW20/10PK spot watering emitter. 2.0 GPH pressure compensating emitter ideal for watering root zones of plants, trees, and container plantings. Convenient re-sealable zip lock plastic bag contains 30 em ... more info

Rainbird be50-4pk 1/2-inch barbed elbows ... more info

Rain Bird Landscape Dripline System T63-100 1/2 Blank Tubing - 100 foot roll. High quality, flexible tubing for use in any low-volume irrigation system. 1/2 Blank (Distribution) Tubing is used to run water from an outside faucet, existing underground spri ... more info

The Cool Patio 30 Deluxe is a flexible, high-pressure ready system capable of creating industrial strength mist. With Brass Fittings, this system can withstand a higher pressure than standard Misting Systems, creating a finer mist that will flash-evaporat ... more info

25PJDAC Features: -Brass impact sprinkler.-Heavy duty impact sprinkler delivers reliable performance season after season.-Adjustable deflector flap adjusts stream length.-Diffuser screw helps prevent brown spots by breaking water into smaller droplets for ... more info

50' Spacing, Plastic Impulse Sprinkler, Easily Adjustable Spray Radius With Distance Control Dial, Water Saving PJ Spray Guide Arm Controls Water Stream, Diffuser Screw Helps Prevent Brown Spots By Breaking Water Into Smaller Water Droplets, High Gallonag ... more info

For those small areas that require delicate watering bubbler sprinklers are perfect. They allow the water to gently soak into the ground without erosion. They are ideal for watering delicate plants that will not tolerate direct spray. ... more info

RAIN BIRD SPRAY HEAD PULL UP TOOL Spray Head Pull Up Tool, Use For Repairing & Installing Plastic Pop Up Sprinklers, Bin Box. ... more info

ET25512-50 Features: -Emitter tubing.-Place in planting areas.-Carded. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 600'' H x 0.25'' W. ... more info

The Arizona Mist Performance PVC Outdoor Mist Cooling System is the perfect rigid cooling solution for home patios and outdoor recreational areas. It also works equally well for animal shelters and dog runs, while reducing surrounding temperature up to 20 ... more info

Searching for a hard working, entry-level residential controller. X-Core is on the case. Hunter's popular XC controller is now X-Core. Plug in the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor and the X-Core is converted into a Smart controller, using advanced water ... more info

Rainbird cprsdbex wired rain sensor ... more info

Sandstone Rock Valve Box Cover, An Attractive Alternative To A Standard Valve Box, Made With Weather Resistant Materials, Designed To Help Protect Valves From Damage Due To Sunlight & Weather, Accommodates Up To 4 Anti-Siphon Valves, Fits Easily Over Most ... more info

Rain Bird Landscape Dripline System MCLIP-10PK 1/4 Tubing Mounting Clips - 10 Pack. Fastens 1/4 tubing to wood surfaces. Position plastic clip over tubing, hammer rust proof nail to hold in place. Convenient re-sealable plastic bag contains 10 mounting cl ... more info

Rain Bird 5000 Professional Grade 38' Rotor with 12 Pro Nozzle Set. Rugged 26' to 38' radius, 3/4-inch inlet gear-drive rotor offering durability, performance and convenient arc adjustment from the top. It can be set from 40 degree to 360 degree arc rotat ... more info

570Z Pro Series 4-inch pop-up fixed-spray with nozzle Fixed-Spray Sprinklers Toro sprinklers installed with head-to-head coverage spacing deliver precise, even coverage. The Toro 570Z Pro Series sprinklers are a professionally preferred product instal ... more info

Orbit watermaster 3 valve preassembled manifold with easy wire-the preassembled manifold provides the most complete, reliable and easy method to install multi-valve systems. this system works with both 3/4 and 1-inch systems. included is our jar-top valve ... more info

Rain Bird's 22SA rotary sprinklers provide highly uniform water distribution and an increased radius range of up to 24 feet, so your grass will stay green all year round. The 22SA's half-coverage pattern has a range of up to 24 feet. (View larger). ... more info

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