Top 20 Best Selling Spreads Olives (2021)

Dalmatia Original Fig Spread is a traditional family recipe made with Adriatic figs from the Mediterranean. All natural, Dalmatia figs are sun-ripened, dried to a golden brown and only slightly sweetened. ... more info

Iliada Kalamata olive paste is an authentic Kalamata olive spread, delicious on toast, crackers or pizza bread. ... more info

All-natural Dalmatia Green Olives Spread Tapenade gourmet food product combines a perfect pinch of sea salt and delightful herbs from Dalmatia's Adriatic coast. Dalmatia Green Olives Spread is a classic Mediterranean food product. This tapenade is a sprea ... more info

Only natural ingredients used. Can be used as a dip with “gaea meze bakes” or crackers. Toss with pasta; season fish; dip vegetables; stuff cherry tomatoes and avocado halves; add to pasta or rice sauces; top pizzas. Meze finger food and appetizers to sav ... more info

Try this French gourmet olive spread or tapenade made with green Provence olives, capers, anchovies, and Provence herbs. The green olives give this tapenade a lighter and fresher taste than black tapenade. Tapeno is the Provencal word for caper, hence tap ... more info

This flavorful French tapenade, or olive spread, is made with black olives (97 percent), capers, and Provence herbs. Because it contains no anchovies, this tapenade is good for vegetarians. Tapeno is the Provencal word for caper, hence tapenade, that head ... more info

Muffuletta salad was originally made famous in New Orleans as a muffuletta sandwich.  It is similar to giardiniera with the main focal point being olives.  We use two different types of olives:  sliced green and sliced black (along with a unique blend of ... more info

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