Top 20 Best Selling Spill Control Supplies Hazardous Material Handling (2021)

ESP Gorillazorb cellulose complex universal granular absorbent. This lightweight, dry, granular sorbent is made from 100 percent recycled materials and is safe for people, plants, animals, and food processing facilities. Gorillazorb will absorb oil- and w ... more info

ESP Universal super absorbent flake socks. These 3-inches Spunbond outer sleeve tube socks are filled with a next generation absorbent core, and are designed to contain small oil and water based spills. They wrap easily around leaky equipment. They also c ... more info

ColdForm2 bonded natural white oil-only are versatile pads made almost entirely of American-grown natural fibers. This makes them the ideal product when looking for the most environmentally responsible and economical sorbent. And they absorb up to 25 perc ... more info

ESP Airmatrix heavy weight maintenance universal absorbent laminated pad. This is the sustainable option to meltblown polypropylene as it is made from 85 percent recycled polypropylene and is generally more durable then meltblown. It also features a const ... more info

The Oil-Dri L90908 universal absorbent pad roll is made of chemically inert polypropylene for absorbing liquid spills including water, oil, acids, bases, and unknown liquids on land in industrial, automotive, and workshop environments, among others. Bonde ... more info

The SPC BPO100 BASIC Oil Only Heavy Weight Pad is an absorbent pad for absorbing petroleum-based spills and leaks and is suitable for industrial and environmental clean-up applications. It is made of single-ply meltblown polypropylene to resist chemicals, ... more info

Oil-Dri L90873 Cob Socks (3Dia x 46L, 12 socks/box) are filled with universal absorbent corn cob granules. These highly flexible socks can be positioned to conform to most any application. Each sock absorbs up to 3.5 quarts. ... more info

3M environmental safety product. High capacity petroleum sorbents have a scrim on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting. Conveniently sized pads allow the user to quickly spread sorbent over and in the path of a spill. For use in oil on ... more info

ESP versatile yellow chemical (HazMat) sorbent for cleaning up aggressive and unknown chemicals. A single layer of polypropylene fibers bonded sonically together. Designed to absorb a wide range of toxic, flammable, corrosive and aggressive chemical spill ... more info

New Pig Form-A-Funnel flexible draining tool. Molds into and holds any shape to create a leakproof channel for draining oil or fluid. Thick, pliable nitrile rubber encases a thin layer of alloy to allow thousands of shapings. Highly-compatible nitrile res ... more info

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