Top 20 Best Selling Spectroscopy Supplies Lab Instruments & Equipment (2022)

EISCO quantitative spectroscope is used for measuring light, wavelengths, and colors from light sources, and holds the diffraction grating and scale securely for legible readings. The spectroscope measures wavelengths from 400.0 to 700.0nm for detailed ex ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 755 Checker HC Handheld Colorimeter measures the alkalinity of saltwater aquariums, has an LCD screen, and an accuracy of + or - 5 ppm + or - 5%. This portable colorimeter measures the alkalinity of saltwater aquariums. It include ... more info

Calcium presence in water supplies results from passage over deposits of limestone, dolomite, gypsum and gypsiferous shale. Its concentration may extend from 0 to several hundred milligrams per liter, depending on its source and treatment. Calcium is nece ... more info

High Resolution Quantitative Spectroscope - 400-700nm, +/-5nm(1) SpectroscopeThis is the most durable and accurate spectroscope available on the market as it modeled to firmly hold the diffraction grating and scale, unlike other models which tape the grat ... more info

Serenity Limited edition numbered 8 x 10 film cell display ... more info

Turn Your Smartphone or Webcam into a Spectrometer The foldable paper mini-spectrometer folds up in minutes to transform your smartphone into a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spect ... more info

Explore flame spectra, streetlights and solar spectra with this dependable device. Since it is labeled in electron volts and nanometers, you can use it in both your physics and chemistry labs. It is plastic and contains a built-in chart of common spectral ... more info

NeuLog colorimeter logger sensor measures the transmittance and absorbance of red, orange, green, and blue light wavelengths in a solution, and can be used to monitor ecological systems, analyze chemical reactions, and test water quality for further study ... more info

Two pairs of standard optical glass cuvettes (Open-top type, 10 mm light path, 3.5mL volume): The cuvette has a fused optical glass body and 2 transparent windows. It fits all standard VIS-NIR spectrophotometers (such as Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, GE, HP, a ... more info

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