Top 20 Best Selling Spectrometry Water Quality & Instrumentation (2022)

EISCO quantitative spectroscope is used for measuring light, wavelengths, and colors from light sources, and holds the diffraction grating and scale securely for legible readings. The spectroscope measures wavelengths from 400.0 to 700.0nm for detailed ex ... more info

High Resolution Quantitative Spectroscope - 400-700nm, +/-5nm(1) SpectroscopeThis is the most durable and accurate spectroscope available on the market as it modeled to firmly hold the diffraction grating and scale, unlike other models which tape the grat ... more info

The Paton Hawksley Star Analyser diffraction grating splits starlight so you can study stellar spectra. This astronomical quality grating is ruled with 100 lines/mm, making it an ideal device to see the entire spectra of a star or planet. Mounted in a 1.2 ... more info

If you have a DSLR with a zoom lens or an astronomical CCD camera on a telescope, you can capture and process the spectra of stars! Just add a Star Analyser diffration grating. See the Hydrogen Balmer absorption lines on Vega. Detect the Carbon emission l ... more info

This spacer is for use with our Paton Hawksley Star Analyzer SA-100 diffraction grating which can be used to observe the spectra of astronomical objects. The Star Analyser Spacer is an empty 1.25 filter cell. use it to increase the distance from your CCD ... more info

Turn Your Smartphone or Webcam into a Spectrometer The foldable paper mini-spectrometer folds up in minutes to transform your smartphone into a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spect ... more info

Features of Spectrophotometer Automatically setting the wavelength Large LCD screen (128 x 64 bits) Display standard curve and the kinetics curve Test result can be saved directly to system. The built-in RAM can store up to 50 groups of data & 10 standard ... more info

Explore flame spectra, streetlights and solar spectra with this dependable device. Since it is labeled in electron volts and nanometers, you can use it in both your physics and chemistry labs. It is plastic and contains a built-in chart of common spectral ... more info

The United Scientific DFG600 diffraction grating has 600 lines per millimeter, measures 45mm x 60mm (H x W), and is protected by glass plates. This replacement diffraction grating with 600 lines per millimeter splits light into multiple beams for analysis ... more info

Features of Spectrophotometer High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating ensure high accuracy and precision. Press one button for easy switching between Transmittance, Absorbance and Concentration modes Automatically setting ... more info

A new and easy-to-use high resolution spectrometer that is ideal for schools and colleges. The solidly constructed Spectra 1 is designed to examine the near and infrared part of the spectrum from 360nm to 940nm; its removable covers allow students to see ... more info

Students expect to use modern technology for just about everything they do these days. The RSpec-Explorer is light years ahead of traditional tools like diffraction gratings or electroscopes. Students will appreciate the ease with which they can digitally ... more info

Filter adapter for DSLR. This thread adapter enables you to mount a 1.25 filter cell on the nose of your DSLR lens cap/filter. Use it to mount our Star Analyser diffraction grating as an objective grating. With a zoom lens on your DSLR, even without track ... more info

Basic Spectrometer great for high school laboratories - a perfect device for any intermediate-level classroom. Built from sturdy metal, this unit includes an adjustable collimator tube, telescope, and prism stand. It provides a high quality optical system ... more info

Wavelength Range: 350-1000nm Spectral Bandwidth: 6 nm Optical System: C-T Single Beam, Grating 1200lines/mm Wavelength Accuracy: 卤3nm Wavelength Repeatability: 1nm Photometric Accuracy: 卤1.0%T photometric Repeatability: 卤0.2%T Photometric Range: -0 ... more info

An economically priced, high-quality, precision manufactured instrument capable of quantitative work. The main structural parts of this laboratory grade spectrometer, including the collimator and telescope bodies are manufactured from heavy castings for d ... more info

Prism Crown Glass, refractive index : 1.51 . For Spectrometer, sold seperately, and general refraction experiments. Equilateral 32 mm sides. ... more info

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