Top 20 Best Selling Spectrometer Accessories Spectrometry (2022)

Tenax TA (C6 - C30), Stainless Steel 3.5 x 1/4 Thermal Desorption Tubes, pack of 10. ... more info

Storage cap, brass with PTFE ferrule, for use with 1/4 o.d. thermal desorption tubes, pack of 100. ... more info

SpectroMembrane Thin-Film Sample Support Carrier Frames consist of a thin-film sample support substance attached to a frame that serves as a carrier. In affixing a thin-film substance to an XRF Sample Cup, the thin-film material is not directly handled an ... more info

Thin-Film Sample Support Windows are available in Continuous Rolls, Pre-Perforated Rolls and Pre-Cut Circles interleaved with lint-free tissue carriers, in addition to SpectroMembrane Thin-Film Sample Support Window Carrier Frames. Fabrication and storage ... more info

Ferrule, 1/4 combined PTFE, for use with storage caps, pack of 200. ... more info

TubeMate is used to insert (and remove) gauze-retaining springs in metal thermal desorption tubes. ... more info

Thin-film rolls pre-perforated at 3 lengths are also available for analysts with a preference to continuous rolls and would like the convenience of dispensing pre-cut sections. Simply detach three square inch sections from the bulk roll at the perforation ... more info

CapLok tool simplifies tube capping and uncapping procedures, and minimizes the risk of sample loss through incorrect capping, or tube damage through over-tightening. ... more info

BioTek Instruments manufactures microplate instrumentation and software for life science research. The company, founded in 1968, is headquartered in Winooski, VT. ... more info

Cap, DiffLok, stainless steel for 1/4 o.d. thermal desorption sorbent tubes, pack of 10. ... more info

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