Top 20 Best Selling Special Application Pullers (2022)

This puller fits the following applications: virtually all Chrysler and Mitsubishi vehicles (same as P/N 6267 but with updated applications), 4.2L I6 Trailblazer, Envoy and Bravada 2003 - current, 4.2L I6 Rainier 2004 - current, 3.5L I5 Colorado and Canyo ... more info

Pitman Arm Puller is a heavy duty puller, that works on most cars and trucks. ... more info

Stop struggling when you need to adjust or pull out the pin. These brushed aluminum 5th wheel pin pullers make it quick, easy and colorful. Another great innovation from RoadPro, your trusted travel companion, bringing the comforts of home to on-the-go li ... more info

This tool is perfect for removing timing gears, fan pulley's, harmonic balancers, and many other parts having tapped holes. It comes with the 5 1/2 long screw. It's light in weight, 1 lb., 8oz., and easy to use. ... more info

Used for the removal of the front hub assembly, necessary for wheel bearing or brake rotor service. The tool provides the mechanical advantage and straight pull is not possible with a slide hammer. This will not work on trucks with dual rear wheels. ... more info

The 7208 puller removes front hubs without damaging the wheel bearing. Its universal design fits most FWD cars. The spare locknut lets you use it with a standard slide hammer puller for rear axle flanges. ... more info

Conical Puller Pitman arm puller designed to fit Pitman arms on domestic cars and light trucks. 3/4-16 X 4-3/4 forcing screw provides enough power to remove stubborn Pitman arms. Conical design allows the puller to fit securely on the pitman arm. ... more info

This OTC product is designed to pull injectors on a GM Duramax 6.6L engine, 2001 - 2004. Similar to J-44639. ... more info

KDT41700 Specifications: -10 way Slide Hammer Puller Set. Warranty: -Sets & Kits do not have warranty/ see individual pcs for details. ... more info

This 3 piece Diesel Injector Puller Set comes complete with an extractor key for removing the inner part of the Bosch injectors. It is also suitable for removing injectors without the use of a slide hammer and without removing the cylinder head. Suitable: ... more info

2 jaw adjustable 5 ton puller. 5-1/2 inches reach and 6 inches spread. ... more info

2 Jaw 2 ton puller. 3-1/2 inches reach and 4 inches spread. ... more info

The No. 7314 Pitman arm puller is designed to handle the toughest Pitman arm pulling jobs on passenger cars and light trucks. This puller features special forged jaws shaped to fit the job, ensuring a positive grip and leaving your hands free for the pull ... more info

This puller is designed for the toughest Pitman arm jobs. They鈥檙e adjustable and have rugged forged jaws shaped to fit the job. Two clamp bolts lock the jaws on the Pitman arm ensuring a solid grip. Includes an adapter for added versatility. Both pullers ... more info

OTC pitman arm puller is designed to save time and labor when removing the steering sector. The compact design of puller allows easy access to the Pitman arm. The tool is made of forged steel for durability and long life. ... more info

Battery Terminal Puller, Spreading Range 1/4 to 1 1/4 In, Handle Material Steel, Used To Remove The Battery Terminal Clamp, Length 4 In ... more info

This U-joint tool is designed for a 1/2 impact wrench, removing the most stubborn U-joints with ease. It's compact and easily set up, making it ideal for service calls. Also, it can be used at different angels and in tight places, eliminating those damag ... more info

Tool will remove wheel hubs mounted on tapered axles and press fit rear brake drums. Can be adjusted by legs to an 8 inch diameter bolt circle. Made of alloy steel and drop forged, this heavy duty tool has a center screw with a 1-1/8 inch hex head. ... more info

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