Top 20 Best Selling Speakers Parts (2021)

Banana plugs make speaker installation a breeze. They are designed for use with amplifiers or speakers that use traditional binding posts. Not only is it easier to make the connection on the back of your amp it is safer with no chance of stray wire strand ... more info

The 18-220S 18 Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker is built to engineering perfection using the most innovative design concepts and materials. B-52 transducers are manufactured to maximum tolerances by some of the most well-respected engineers in the world. All ... more info

Direct replacement reverb units used in Fender amplifiers with spring reverb. 8 ohm replacement 4-spring (4AB3C1B) reverb unit with RCA style input and output jacks. Long decay design (2.75-4.0 seconds). Mounts horizontally to floor of cabinet with open ... more info

Equipped with the H magnet this revealing speaker provides enormously detailed and rich overtones accompanied by a warm low end, rich vocal mid range and a beautiful top end compliment. ... more info

The PPHP898A is a powered, wide-coverage, two-way loudspeaker boasting 400 watts of full-range, distortion-free power. It pushes everything from pounding bass to a chirpy high-end, all in one amplified cabinet. This speaker comes equipped with an XLR mic, ... more info

The uCube 85 MKII is an 80 watt, portable PA system for traveling musicians, entertainers, and event coordinators. The uCube 85MKII features a 4-channel mixer, integrated MP3 player, and various connection options for external devices. The uCube 85MKII pr ... more info

Maximum Power: 400W Frequency Response: 40Hz-2kHz Voice Coil Diameter: 2, 50.8mm Depth: 4.25, 108mm Coil Construction: Copper voice coil Magnet Composition: Ferrite magnet Cone composition: Paper Cone Nominal Basket Diameter:10, 254mm Sensitivity: 92 Magn ... more info

15 PA Speakers or Raw Woofers - 500 Watts RMS each - Model #: Denali 15 (Pair), 15 Woofer/Speaker, 80 oz. Magnet with 3 voice coil, 500 Watts RMS, 1000 Watts Peak, Impedance:聽 8 Ohms, Frequency response:聽 45 Hz to 3K Hz, Sensitivity:聽 98db, Pressed Steel ... more info

The Jensen 'C' Series provides pristine vintage tone coupled with the cost and weight advantages of ceramic magnets. Originally developed in the 1960s to meet the ever increasing demands of the emerging pop music industry, the 'C' Series has remained infl ... more info

Often imitated but never duplicated the Alnico Blue has been described as the benchmark for guitar speaker perfection. ... more info

Spectrum iRock AIL M101B Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier, Plugs Directly into Your Guitar. Includes Volume & Overdrive/Distortion Controls, Headphone Output Jack and Aux Input Jack for Microphone or Digital Audio Device. ... more info

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