Top 20 Best Selling Spark Plug & Ignition Tools Tools & Equipment (2021)

This tool set removes broken spark plugs from 2004 and newer Triton 3 valve per cylinder engines. The set includes a unique porcelain pusher tool and a tapered left-hand thread remover for removing the broken spark plug without leaving the porcelain in th ... more info

Quickly diagnose problems with all ignition systems. Connect the tool between the spark plug and the plug wire. The tool is double-ended to offer a straight boot and a 90 boot on one tool. With the engine running, the tool flashes a mirror image of igniti ... more info

640855 Features: -Spark plug socket.-Socket with dual grease rings.-6 Point deep well thin wall mirror.-Rubber retaining ring holds plug securely.-Meets and exceeds ANSI standards.-Drive size: 3/8''. Color/Finish: -Finish: Polished chrome. Dimensions: -Pr ... more info

This unique and patented design works on 2004鈥搉ewer Ford F-150 pickup trucks with 5.4L 3-valve Triton V-8 engines. The socket end is 9/16 inch and the soft rubber insert holds and protects spark plug during removal and installation. The extension is part ... more info

Two pulling positions help make removing spark plug wires a safe and easy job. Specially shaped, cushioned jaws grip the boot straight on or from the side. Plastic handle grips help prevent shock. ... more info

Double-ended for both 14mm and 18mm threads. Cleans threads in spark plug hole. Use with 13/16 inch spark plug socket. ... more info

KDT2327 Features: -Gauge measures spark plug electrode gaps on gap plugs from 0.040 to 0.080'' (1.02 to 2.03mm).-Spark Plug Gauge 0.040 to 0.080in.. Includes: -It includes 2 electrode adjusting tools.. Warranty: -Lifetime warranty does not cover abuse. ... more info

Works on ignition systems from high energy electronic automotive systems to small engines. Tests for no start conditions and for spark strength. Adjustable gap allows for spark gap requirements from 0 to 40,000 Volts. Gauge background makes spark easy to ... more info

A simple, yet effective tool for disengaging spark plug boots. Tool performs well in difficult areas such as recessed and obstructed plugs. Square shaft prevents slipping. Thick plastic handle prevents electric shock and provides greater pulling power. ... more info

Provides information not available with OBD II code reading devices - pinpoints if there is a spark plug, plug wire, mechanical, fuel injection or electrical problem. Shows a duplicate view of the ignition spark so technician can visually check condition ... more info

The set includes one-piece drill tap, long tap holder, short tap holder, insert installer, wedger and handle. It also includes three insert sizes: 5/16 inches, 7/16 inches and 11/16 inches. ... more info

In-Line Spark Checker for Recessed Plugs, Noid Lights and IAC Test Lights Kit ... more info

Special thin wall design for water-cooled 4-strokes with 5/8 (16mm) hex spark plugs. Unique 2 step extension design that can move from a fixed position to a swivel. For use on models like the CRF450/250, TRX450R, YZ/WR250f/400f/426f/450f, YFZ450, DRZ400, ... more info

Made in the U.S.A. The TDC Indicator allows a technician to accurately set any position to top dead center. Just remove the spark plug, screw in the gauge and rotate the engine while observing the graduation marks on the sliding shaft. Note the top piston ... more info

10 millimeter Spark Plug Adapters for 20250 Compression Tester. ... more info

The Calterm Tru-Spark ignition firing indicator quickly and accurately tests DIS and other injection systems for the presence of secondary voltage without piercing or removing spark plug wires. ... more info

Manufactured using high carbon steel and high quality chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. These tools feature ID stamping showing size and brand. ... more info

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