Top 20 Best Selling Spacers & Adapters Carburetors & Parts Replacement Parts (2021)

The Edelbrock Four-Hole Square-Bore to Spread-Bore Carburetor Adapter allows proper installation of carburetor to manifold. It mounts the Edelbrock square-bore carburetors to stock Quadrajet and Thermo-Quad manifolds. It is designed to replace the origi ... more info

Mr. Gasket Carburetor Adapter Kit has been designed to update the carburetion to the latest high-performance carburetors without purchasing an intake manifold. The adapters are made of die-cast aluminum and have a natural finish. They adapt any 4-bolt, 4- ... more info

1 HOLLEY 4BBL SPACER - Open- Plastic Phenolic Carburetor Spacer ... more info

Plastic Phenolic 4 BarrelCarb Spacer2 in.Open Plenum ... more info

BBK Power Plus 70 millimeter Throttle Body and EGR Spacer Kit for Ford 5.0L features 1986-1993 Mustang throttle bodies. They are designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower from 7-12 HP depending on the vehicle and application. All BBK Power Plus ... more info

Fits the Following Models: 2002 SPORTSMAN 700 A02CH68AA/AB/AC/CA/CB 2003 SPORTSMAN 600 A03CH59AA 2003 SPORTSMAN 700 A03CH68AA/AC/AF/AH/AL 2004 A04CH59AF SPORTSMAN 600 A04CH59AF/AH/AJ/AT/AV 2004 A04CH59AK SPORTSMAN 600 A04CH59AK/AL/AN/AQ/AW 2004 A04CH68AC ... more info

Spacers isolate carburetor from manifold, preventing horsepower-robbing heat transfer while also increasing air flow due to the increase in distance from the bottom of the carburetor to the manifold plenum. Spacers are precision CNC-machined in the U.S. f ... more info

Mr. Gasket Phenolic Insulating Carburetor Spacer provides a smooth transition of air and fuel from the carburetor to the intake manifold and increases flow for more performance. It helps insulate the carburetor from engine heat and provides clearance for ... more info

The Edelbrock 4-Barrel Phenolic Carburetor Spacers are used where more plenum volume or more carburetor-to-plenum floor distance is required. It allows you to space your carburetor above the intake flange to increase plenum area for more torque and horse ... more info

Provides Superior Heat Insulation. Ideal for Reducing Heat Transfer to Carburetor. Use Spacer to Enhance Low-RPM Torque. Use to Enhance Throttle Response. Dampens Reversion Effects on the Carburetor. ... more info

The Edelbrock Carburetor Adapter is an open center adapter made of steel with a natural finish. The gaskets are included for installation and it adapts almost any carburetor to any intake. Welds are done with a robotic projection welder for accuracy and ... more info

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