Top 20 Best Selling Sound Modules Electronic Music (2021)

Get Cleaner Sound from Your Amps and Speakers The Auralex GRAMMA (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attenuator) is an incredibly effective patented device that's used to float an amp or loudspeaker. The GRAMMA yields nearly total acoustic is ... more info

This listing is for a brand new JOHNNY CASH Karaoke CD&G CD from the High Quality LEGENDS collection(LEG-245). This CD plays the music without the lead vocals and displays the lyrics on a Karaoke CD&G player. These songs are not preformed by the original ... more info

The Mopho is a compact and powerful monophonic analog synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments. The voice architecture is identical to a single voice of the Prophet '08, an eight-voice synthesizer with a 100% analog signal path, yet with a couple of unique ... more info

Complete MIDI Composition Tool. Don't let its compact design fool you...the NanoSynthTM is a powerful sound creation tool that offers features and sonic quality that go far beyond other modules in its price range. The NanoSynth's 8 MB sound library inclu ... more info

Number of Voices 317 (128 GM) Number of parts 16 Maximum polyphony 24 Effects Reverb Chorus Display 70,6 x 24,5 mm (backlit LCD) Connectors MIDI connectors (IN x 2, OUT, THRU) Audio Input jack x 2 (L, R) Audio Output jack x 2 (L, R) He ... more info

UH-7000 THE BRIDGE BETWEEN PROFESSIONAL & HOME RECORDING Many audio interface manufacturers strive to design products that help bridge the gap between studio-quality recording and home recording. TASCAM built the bridge: Meet the UH-7000 USB 4x4-channe ... more info

YAMAHA TG-100 Sound Module Tone Generator TG100 ... more info

24-bit Digital Studio Canvas Now there's a compact, portable, USB bus powered MIDI solution, perfect for your laptop. The Edirol SD-20 gives you the right number of sounds, and works with your computer no matter what its age: you can connect through USB ... more info

PCM2704 USB sound card/DAC, size: 55 * 50 mm A USB input, coaxial, optical fiber and the analog output. With the volume on the board to add and subtract and mute control. Main chip level using BB company HIFI PCM2704 USB decoding chip, its performanc ... more info

The Radial Tossover Variable Frequency Divider 500-Series Module is a unique 500 series module that enables you to frequency-divide the audio signal path into two stems and process the high and low frequencies separately. This enables parallel processing ... more info

The PianoBox II General MIDI Sound Module includes 128 realistic sounding instruments, 100 variation sounds, 9 drum sets, a sound effects set and 100 drum patterns. Ideal for use with keyboards, your computer, or as a stand alone drum machine, the PianoB ... more info

Function: After the installation, switch the Power Signal-lamp to constant light function turn on the Voice-control function sensitivity adjustable Introduction: This controller can be connected to the audio power supply line If conn ... more info

TASCAM's DP-02CF combines 8-track CD-quality recording with a Portastudio interface - designed for musicians who want to record quickly and have fun. A matched pair of TASCAM mic pres features XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser mics and a guitar ... more info

The Roland Mobile Studio Canvas Sound Module and Interface is ideal for a wide range of users. Musicians and educators looking for a great, general purpose sound source, karaoke and bar DJs, hobbyists and non-musicians who need portable MP3 and SMF playba ... more info

If you're moving up from another Sound Canvas, you'll be faced with two scenarios: the familiar front panel and operating system will, for the most part, present few problems. However, many of the multiple button pushes you're familiar with will no longer ... more info

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