Top 20 Best Selling Soldering Accessories Power Tool Accessories (2021)

Handy soldering kit provides all the needed tools for your soldering projects. The kit includes: Standard soldering iron, de-soldering pump, de-soldering wick, lead-free solder in storage tube and sturdy soldering iron stand. You will produce quality sold ... more info

This spool of American Terminal AT-31604 Solder contains 4 ounces of 1/16 solder with a leaded rosin flux core. The 60% tin, 40% lead combination is perfect for jobs like fine electrical soldering which requiring lower melt temperatures. AlphaFry is the c ... more info

Fast action, heavy duty desoldering pump. Simply heat up solder joint and push button. Automatic nozzle cleaner. Display packaged. Standard replacement tip #370-031. Length: 8. ... more info

First aid antiseptic. To decrease germs in minor cuts & scrapes ... more info

Cleans your soldering iron tips without water and is faster and better than a sponge! Made from coils of brass, which are softer than the tip plating yet hard enough to lessen oxidation To clean the tip, simply plunge the iron tip into the coils. Thi ... more info

When the solder melts, push the release button and a retracting plunger creates a strong vacuum at the tip, removing the melted solder. Weight: 59g. ... more info

This is the first environmentally friendly Flux Pen that can be refilled for a cost effective flux solution. Superior fluxing ability with Instant wetting This flux is free of any halides, resin, or rosin. This flux was designed for soldering high qual ... more info

Specification: 100% Brand New And High Quality Refillable pencil jet torch. Ideal for daily use and outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and so on. 1300℃ flame adjusts for use. Can be used on welding, repairing pipeline, removing paint, r ... more info

ALPHA METALS VERY FINE ELECTRICAL ROSIN CORE SOLDER .032 dia., 4 oz. 60% tin/40% lead For electrical soldering requiring low melt temps 376 deg. F melt Carded Discovery HWU ... more info

Pocket Pack solder is the perfect tool box supply size. Solder feeds conveniently from the end of the handy dispenser tube. Contains 0.5 oz. 60% tin/40% lead 0.031 diameter rosin core solder. Approximately 15 ft. ... more info

Liquid Isopropyl Alcohol general all-purpose cleaner. Safe on plastics. 99.9 Percent pure anhydrous. Meets Mil. spec. #TT-1-735A. For use on: PC boards, connectors and contacts, fiber optics, semi-conductors, printed circuit boards, tape heads, light oils ... more info

This is 1 roll of 0.6mm cored solder wire,,Diameter is 0.6mm,Weight is 2oz. Sn spec is 63%, and Flux is 2.25% ... more info

Kester 44 rosin core solder is designed for electronic and electrical work. It uses a fast acting, instant wetting, non-corrosive, and non-conductive flux for faster soldering and a strong, long lasting bond. ... more info

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