Top 20 Best Selling Solar Learning & Education Toys (2021)

The Mini Solar Racer is a toy car which claims to be the world's smallest solar powered car. The solar panel allows the car to move from eco-friendly solar energy when the car is placed either in sunlight or under a bright artificial light. The Mini Solar ... more info

Name that robot! Kids will want to once they realize it's more a member of the family than a machine. Our solar-powered pal can assume 14 different modes, ranging from comical to educational, including a wagging-tail dog, running beetle, walking crab, sur ... more info

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit. Build your own solar kit and have fun under the Sunlight! Mini solar building kit teaches children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun to play and requires absolutely no batteries. This is an ... more info

PLASTEEL CORP-Dylite Styrofoam Solar System Kit. This kit perfect for home; camp and school projects. Kit contains one 4-1/2in ball; 3-1/2in ball; two 3in half balls; one 2-1/2in ball; one 2in ball; two 1-1/2in balls; two 1-1/4in balls; one 1in ball; Satu ... more info

This adorable little monkey is ready to swing into action! Just expose the solar strip to light and watch as its arms and heads teeter and sway. A fun accessory for any desk, table, dashboard or counter, and they also make wonderful gifts. This monkey hol ... more info

The Solar Butterfly flutters and flies just like a real butterfly. Place outside to see the solar power in action or use indoors by placing 1 each AA battery in the hidden chamber under the solar panels. ... more info

This cute plastic elephant flap his wings when placed in any direct sunlight. A perfect small desktop decoration. Powered by a small solar cell, he'll keep dancing as long as he's in the sun. Harnessing the power of the sun, this dancing elephant also wor ... more info

Build your own life-size grasshopper. An educational robot and mini solar kit. He is small, but he is an attention-getter. Explore the potential of solar power with this neat science kit. This build-it-yourself educational solar hobby kit is for the first ... more info

Fun and Amusing! Eyes jiggle, legs wiggle, in the tango-jitterbug frightened - grasshopper dance. This little bug will nervously frolics around when powered by the sun. The solar panel means no batteries are required. And, no tools are needed because it i ... more info

Teach kids the benefits of solar energy - in a fun and imaginative way. Winner of the Dr. Toy award, kids can learn to build six different models with one kit. They'll even learn how solar power is used to help drive a small motor. It's a great way to get ... more info

Your kids will have a blast developing basic knowledge of solar energy with these do-it-yourself science experiments. They'll learn how to make an electrical circuit or solar circuit, how to increase voltage and current and how to use solar power to produ ... more info

OWI-MSK640 Features: -Innovative solar science kit that encourages children to exercise their sense of creativity and imagination.-Snap together plastic parts (no screws, tools required), solar panel and accessories.-Transforming rechargeable station has ... more info


555006 Features: -Build your own solar-powered models and discover how solar cells generate electricity from light.-Build six solar powered models including a locomotive, single-prop plane, bulldozer, helicopter, backhoe, and twin-rotor helicopter.-Allowi ... more info

Solar Power Robot Insect Bug Locust Grasshopper Toy kid When the sun shines on the solar panel at the back of the insect, it makes electricity. It then shakes its body as if it is ready to prey on something. It's novel and unique; also it's a good demons ... more info

OWI-MSK671 Features: -Super solar racing car.-Mini solar kit.-Derived from the sun's powerful rays of light.-Control this speedster from any dangerous mishaps.-Easy to assemble and demonstrates alternative energy principles.-No batteries and tools require ... more info

Solar Dancing Butterfly Brighten up your workspace with a cheery Solar Dancing Butterfly. This solar powered toy makes a great office decoration or gift and it looks fantastic on any desk. When bright light shines on this playful desk toy, the ladybug and ... more info

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