Top 20 Best Selling Sock Aids Dressing Aids (2020)

The deluxe flexible sock and stocking aid has a nylon interior that reduces friction, while the terrycloth outside holds the sock in place. Unique three-finger design bends with the contoures of the foot and heel. 29 long looped handles reduce the need to ... more info

Aids those with limited range of movement to slip on socks and stockings with less effort. Large loop handles provide extra support. Terry cloth grips socks while nylon reduces friction with foot. ... more info

Sock Aid with Foam Grip Easily put socks on independently! Compact, smooth polyethylene. 33� cord with foam handles ... more info

Pastel Print Overlap Back Tie Gowns with 66 sweep, 45'' length, 6'' in-sleeve ... more info

Single-Side Tread Socks are slipper socks with non-skid bottoms. Tread Socks are the same slippers that are hospital issue in many hospitals. Tread Sock are designed for safety with skid resistant treading. Soft terry cloth on the inside provides extra so ... more info

The Deluxe Sock Aid is the molded hard plastic design that most physical therapists recommend. Each sock aid helps the user put on socks and stockings without bending. Easy to use by placing sock or stocking over plastic core. Garter clips attach to s ... more info

Granulex will relieve pain and promote healing; debrides eschar and necrotic tissue physiologically; stimulates vascular bed; improves epithelization by reducing premature epithelial desiccation and cornification; reduces odor from malodorous necrotic wou ... more info

So simple anyone can play from the moment they pick it up. Enjoy a casual game of catch or exciting competition. Throws are effortless because centrifugal force magnifies your throwing power. Perfect timing is not necessary for catching, you have a 29 lon ... more info

Achieva Sock Assist with Loop HandleThe easy-to-use Achieva™ Sock-Assist™ lays flat on the floor, accommodates feet and calves of all sizes, has a nonstick surface and pulls the sock up the calf instead of releasing it at the ankle. Its innovative design ... more info

Sock aid has an extra-long, strain-free handle; rubber grips are gentle on your socks. Sock assistance device is ideal for those with limited back, knee, and hip mobility. Sock helper doubles as a shoe horn! 16 long. ... more info

SP-10 Features: -Set of 10 socks holders.-Ultimate solution for keeping socks organized.-No more sorting and matching.-No more missing socks.-Soft, flexible and safe through washer and dryer. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 6.75'' H x 0.5'' W x 4.5'' D. ... more info

Terry Cloth covered sock aid helps the user put on socks and stockings without bending. Easy to use by placing any size sock or stocking over terry core. Friction from terry helps secure socks during application. Comes with instructions and separate 3 ... more info

The Formed Sock Aid with Cord Loop Handle has a molded plastic frame that provides for the sock to be slipped over the sock aid and then pulled onto the foot. Rubber self-adhesive pad (included) may be added to provide a non-slip resistance to the sock an ... more info

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