Top 20 Best Selling Smoking Receptacles Waste Receptacles & Liners (2021)

Optional burn resistant Disposable Liner makes cleaning a snap. ... more info

The Justrite Personal Smokers Cease Fire polyethylene cigarette butt receptacle can be used to contain and dispose of cigarette butts and ashes, and is contoured to extinguish lit cigarettes inside the container by cutting off the air supply. The two-piec ... more info

Eagle Butt Cans are ideal for designated smoking areas inside or outside. Features poly tube and galvanized can base. Yellow for plant or factory use. ... more info

Optional burn resistant Disposable Liner makes cleaning a snap. ... more info

Ex-Cell Smokers' Oasis cigarette receptacle. All-steel fire safe cigarette butt receptacle. Fire-safe cigarette butt receptacle will not melt or burn and requires no sand or water. Features a large capacity, 4.5 gallon removable galvanized steel container ... more info

Eagle SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle, 5-Quart made of HDPE with UV inhibitors, with a galvanized steel collection bucket inside. ... more info

Cigarette receptacle is made of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors and a galvanized steel collection bucket. Designed to restrict oxygen to quickly extinguish burning butts. The top of the container removes easily to access and empty the interna ... more info

Ex-Cell round wall urn with wide bracket and 10-Inches flip top. Includes removable inner bowl for 1-quart capacity. Flip top allows for safe and easy disposal of cigarette waste. Includes mounting hardware. Measures 9-1/2-inches length by 10-inches width ... more info

White standing outdoor / indoor ashtray. Perfect for doorways and patios. Stands 22 tall and is about 6 in diameter. The astray sits on top and has a dumping button that makes it self cleaning. The trashcan is right below it. Very small footprint for two ... more info

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