Top 20 Best Selling Small Animals Training Solutions Havahart Wireless (2021)

5150G- ULTRASONIC TRAINER Product Details: No collar needed “Select-A Sound” Lets you choose one of five ultrasonic tones your dog best responds to Use ultrasonic tone to divert your dog’s attention from bad behavior Manual or automatic correction mode ... more info

Havahart® Remote Dog Trainer Stop Barking and Other Misbehavior Use the Havahart® Remote Dog Trainer to teach your dog to follow your commands and stop nuisance behaviors such as jumping on counters or furniture, digging, chewin ... more info

The Havahart Remote Trainer Extra Collar only works with the Havahart Remote Trainer. Unlike many remote trainer options, the Havahart Remote Trainer can operate two collars, training two dogs at once (with Remote Trainer Extra Collar). Additionally, each ... more info

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