Top 20 Best Selling Small Animals Toys Bunny Rabbit Central (2021)

Prevue pet products nature's hideaway grass tunnel 1098 is a hand-woven grass activity center for your small animal. the sweet fragrance of 100-percent all natural grass materials comes through in this fun playtime accessory while satisfying your pet's na ... more info

This willow branch ball adds a naturally fun flavor to playtime. All natural willow branch chew is perfect for tooth trimming and playtime for small pets. Measures 4-inch width by 4-inch depth by 4-inch height. ... more info

The Ultimate Rolling Bunny Chew Toy. Made from all natural dried yucca. The Bunny Blast is 100-percent biodegradable. Bunnies will roll, toss and chew this toy for hours of fun. ... more info

These pretzel sticks are 100 percent natural willow chew treats, offering a flavorful snack for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats, hamsters, and gerbils. They are a perfect treat for hand feeding to pets who love wood chews to help trim teeth. M ... more info

Perfect Chews are colorful kabobs with wood and loofah textures to provide hours of chewing and play time for your pet. Each kabob has numerous colorful chews on a wood skewer that is topped with a clasp for easy attachment to your pets cage or habitat. ... more info

Peter's chew toy with apple is a toy and treat in one. Promotes proper tooth conditioning for rabbits, but it's great for other small animals as well ... more info

Tropical fiddle sticks are flexible wooden sticks that can be twisted and bent into a variety of fun shapes creating a fun hiding spot for your furry friend. You'll have fun creating a log cave, tree stump or a stick stairway for your pet. These colorful ... more info

These seagrass twists are a savory snack made from sundried seagrass, offering a wholesome combination of crunchy chew and flavor for rabbits, guinea pigs, pet rats, and hamsters. ... more info

Rollin' the hay is nutrition and fun rolled into one. This spectacular spinning hay holder can be used three ways: hang from any wire cage, set on the floor with the included stand, or for a ball of fun, place anywhere in your pet's environment. Pets love ... more info

Bring out your dog's natural hunting instinct with our realistic stuffing free skinneeez dog toys. These are some of the hottest toys available for your pet. ... more info

This rice pops are a wholesome combination of crunchy chews and flavorful fun, made from tasty rice and corn. Ideal for hand feeding or on the ware treat-k-bob, rice pops are a tasty treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and pet rats. Promotes clean ... more info

This fun display box will help generate impulse buys at checkout. These authentic-looking mice provide hours of fun and exercise and they are a healthy outlet for a cats natural hunting instinct. Cheese wedge box contains 60 mice with real rabbit fur-cove ... more info

Our crinkle hang-n-tunnel fits inside any cage and features nylon straps with clips for easy attachment. This fleece sleeper is fuzzy on the inside and has a cinkly outside that critters love. The crinkle hang-n-tunnel provides small pets with fun place t ... more info

The Marshall small animal playpen gives you an easily assembled and safely contained play area anywhere you like. ... more info

This nutty stick ball is made of 100 percent willow, a renewable resource, and has a nutty surprise inside. Chew toys encourage healthy activity and help prevent cage boredom. Pets can roll it, toss it or gnaw it. Safe to chew. Encourages healthy activity ... more info

Prevue pet products nature's hideaway 1100 is a hand-woven grass activity center for your small animal. the sweet fragrance of 100-percent all natural grass materials comes through in this fun playtime accessory while satisfying your pet's natural instinc ... more info

Abo gear the fun run cat tunnel is the perfect enclosure to keep your pets safe outdoors. The fun run is designed to provide indoor pets with a safe environment to run and play outside. The tunnel is made of a strong nylon mesh shell and a sprung-steel fr ... more info

It's totally true, rabbits really love to throw things. Don't let your rabbit get bored. Say bye-bye to bored bunnies! Your rabbits will love playing with this fun carrot-shaped toy. The sisal rope surface is perfect for them to pick up and play with. Yo ... more info

The crazy carrot toy gives a new twist to play time. It is made of all natural pine with usda approved food colors. Critters love the twist n turn chew n fun this crazy carrot toy provides. Wood chew toys help keep teeth trimmed and help relieve cage bore ... more info

This mega munch sticks are a super safe critter chew made from 100 percent natural willow. They are harvested from a renewable wood source. The bark covered sticks are irrestistible chew treats for small pets. Measures 1-3/4-inch width by 1-3/4-inch depth ... more info

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