Top 20 Best Selling Small Animals Indoor Systems Barking Control (2021)

The Ultrasonic Bark Control is great for curtailing the barking of small or timid dogs. Uses ultrasound to deter barking. Activated automatically by bark or manually by owner. Can be used as a table-top unit or hand-held. Has a 25 foot range. Note:Ultra ... more info

Bark Free has a specially designed sound selector that lets you choose ultrasonic frequencies which can only be heard by dogs and cats, or lower sound tones audible to human ears. Bark Free uses an old age principle of Negative Reenforcement using Sound ... more info

Viatek's Bark Stop Professional Ultrasonic Dog Trainer works indoors and outdoors. Microphone senses constant barking and triggers an ultrasonic tone inaudible to humans cure problem behavior. Durable weather resistant design. Works up to 50' and comes ... more info

Keep your dog or cat off the couch, away from the kitchen table or out of an entire room with the Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Fence. This indoor electronic pet barrier for dogs and cats uses audible sound, not shock, to keep your pet out of restricted area ... more info

Extra receiver module for Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Dog and Cat Fence. Want to restrict several different areas at once? Keep Fido out of the trash, off the couch and away from kitty's food all at the same time. Place a SBR-1 receiver in each restricted ... more info

Allows to enjoy a quieter environment with this ultrasonic bark reduction unit. Put an end to nuisance dog barking with our intellipet bark solver. An ultrasonic correction tone sounds each time dogs bark. Sensitivity adjustment controls how loud the bark ... more info

The Border Patrol system provides true indoor containment and allows you to set up off-limits zones in your house. Rely on a New Breakthrough in Dog Control with the Border Patrol Pet Safety & Indoor Containment System. The Border Patrol Pet Safety and ... more info

Border Patrol Premier Wireless Indoor Dog Containment System, Bark and Training Collar ... more info

Create Invisible Off Limits Zones for Maximum Pet Containment. The Border Control CheckPoint works hand-in-hand with the ComCollar to keep your pet from entering areas that are off limits. When a dog wearing the ComCollar approaches the CheckPoint beam, t ... more info

ComCollars: The Heart & Brains of the Pet Containment System. The ComCollar is what makes the Border Patrol system such a revolutionary pet containment solution. This dog control device is comfortable, versatile and easy to use. Here's why it's so great: ... more info

No receiver collar needed. Table-top or hand-held use. Activated automatically by bark or manually by owner. 25 foot range. Uses a 9 volt alkaline battery. ... more info

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