Top 20 Best Selling Slide Hammers Body Repair Tools (2021)

5 lb. slide hammer puller with threaded end may be used with OTC internal pulling attachment, or with female or male-frame threaded adapters. ... more info

CTA Tools 8075 Pilot Bearing Puller-Slide Hammer will remove pilot bearings from the crankshaft on all makes and models with transmission-equipped vehicles. This lightweight hammer weighs less than two pounds (0.85-kilograms) to give a precision pull with ... more info

Ideal to internal pull without damaging the part. Open clamps by turning the handle clockwise to snug against the bearing to pull out evenly. ... more info

This heavy-duty slide hammer puller gets tough with those really stuck parts. Heat treated. 24 long and a 5/8-18 threaded end to adapt to any of OTC's pulling attachments. Ten-pound hammer. ... more info

Slide HammerFeatures and Benefits: Breaks stubborn truck tire beads with ease Spring action design Prevents kick back Wedge foot is forced between the bead and the rim flange delivering a blow directly to the tip Heavy duty tool The ESCO Slide Hammer is ... more info

Pry bars can damage expensive aluminum transmission cases, and attempting to do the job by pulling on the axis can damage the roller bearing inside the C.V. joint. With this puller, the axle assembly is popped out of the trans-axle without damage, thanks ... more info

SPECIAL OFFER: all orders for this item will receive a FREE variety pack of (3) KECO glue tabs with each purchase (retail value $5.55) ... more info

Add a variety of puller attachments to a 5 lb. slide hammer puller and you get the capability to pull flange-type rear axles, stubborn oil seals and bearings, and other press-fit parts. The attachments include a dent puller, internal/external pulling jaws ... more info

Product Description:In a car emergency, you can use the window breaker attached to your key chain to cut through the seatbelts, allowing you to escape with your life from a stoppage car windows.Features: 1. Emergency Break Hammer is a Must for your car. 2 ... more info

It has ten of the latest and most modern engineered body pulling and pushing attachments. Consist of 16 different parts. Dual hammer action for reverse or direct reconstruction blows. Quick assembly for applied hook-ups on fender edges, bumper ends, rocke ... more info

This is a basic slide hammer, which may be used with an OTC internal pulling attachment or external-internal threaded adapters. This has a very sleek design, which helps grip and get the pulling job done. ... more info

* Fiberglass Handle*Malleable Casting Steel*Includes: 1pc-Curved Dolly, Utility Dolly , Double End Hand Dolly, Shrink Dolly, Standard Bumping, Pick & Finish Hammer, Reverse Curve Hammer ... more info

Description: Cement Resistor features good heat resistant, low temperature coefficient, high load power, high insulating capacity. Widely used in computer, TV set, apparatus, meter, sound and other equipment. ... more info

Battery holder for 4 AA batteries. Output is 4.8-6 Volts. Includes wires. Great for science projects. ... more info

This Sunex versatile puller is ideal for pulling applications involving gears, bearings, outer races, grease retainers, and oil seals. This features a reversible 2/3 jaw which may be used to perform inside pulling jobs as well as outside pulling jobs. The ... more info

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