Top 20 Best Selling Sleeve Assemblies Pistons & Parts Performance Parts (2021)

COMP Cams Top Dead Center Stops are designed to positively stop the piston in order to find top dead center. The bolt style screws into the spark plug hole, while our universal plate type bolts across any cylinder bore when the heads are off. ... more info

MSD Ignition Shrink Sleeve with Numbers simply slides over the spark plug boot and shrinks tightly around it for a secure connection. It has cylinder numbers on it so each wire is clearly marked preventing any confusion. This is CARB emission and EPA comp ... more info

Mallory Shrink Sleeves provide complete seal between spark plug boots, distributor boots and spark plug wire heat sheathes. They are made of polyolefin polymer that gives rugged construction and are chemically insulated. These are inherent to moisture and ... more info

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