Top 20 Best Selling Slaves Strobe Lighting (2021)

# This Hot Shoe Flash Remote Slave Trigger has a sensor to sense light from the main flash so as to trigger the slave flash wireless. # This slave sensor triggers the flash attached to it when it senses the light from the main flash. # Great for setting u ... more info

This Impact Miniphone to Female Hot Shoe 12 straight sync cord enables firing of any shoe mount flash (except Konica-Minolta/Sony or Nikon SB600) from a Pocket Wizard Radio Slave Receiver or Transceiver.This cord has a hot shoe on top, and a cold shoe FOO ... more info

The SF-DSXN40 Mini Slave Flash with Hot Shoe from Impact is a DC flash unit that is a good choice for a fill light, hair light, side light or background light and of course, for use as a a small light source for single subjects or small groups of people. ... more info

The Impact PowerSync16 DC Receiver (100-240VAC) is one-half of the PowerSync 16 radio slave system for triggering flash units up to 590' (180 m) away indoors, or 200' (60 m) outdoors using the PowerSync16 Transmitter (available separately). PowerSync16 ha ... more info

Wein Optical Slaves are the classic solution for wirelessly syncing virtually any amount of flashes to your camera. Wein Optical slaves will fire in sync with the first white light or infrared pulse that it detects. If your key flash emits a pre-flash Wei ... more info

Attach directly to foot of any shoe-mount flash for direct connection or connect a standard PC cord to the side mounted PC terminal. ... more info

Product Overview The StudioPRO 45 Watt Slave Strobe is a compact light that can be triggered through a sync cord or by the built in slave function. This light fits any standard screw in light socket, such as a lamp, and they draw their power from the A ... more info

The PocketWizard Plus II transceiver system does more than cut the cord. The PocketWizard Plus II can wirelessly trigger lights and/or cameras within a range of 1600 feet of the transceiver. Utilizing advanced wireless technologies, four 16-bit, digitally ... more info

GM 56 Series O.E.M. Electrical TerminalTin PlatedTwo 16-14 Gauge Leads Or One 12 Gauge LeadFits 5/16 Male Tab Replaces GM: 297321525 Per Package ... more info

Wireless trigger for studio strobes, mono light and flash; Micro-computer control; Triggering delay is 1/1600 second; Two channels that work without interference with each other; Receiver searches channels automatically; Long lifetime of trigger battery, ... more info

This Impact Sync Cord Male Mini to Male Household (18) provides the necessary connection between any female mini terminal and any sync extension cord, power pack or monolight with a female household (2-prong) receptor.18 (45.7cm) sync cordMini to Househol ... more info

# This Flash Remote Slave Trigger for hot shoe mount flash. # Flash Adapter is compact and sturdy with a standard hot shoe seat on the top and a standard 1/4- 20 thread screw socket for tripod on the bottom. # This Flash Remote Controller is optical theor ... more info

(SSHSHS) SAFE-SYNC HOT SHOE TO HOT SHOE Mounts Directly to camera hot shoe and has hot shoe on top for flash Safe Syncs safely reduce any electronic flash source from up to 400 volts to less than 6 volts to the camera sync input. This is absolutely mandat ... more info

From the Manufacturer The Plus lll Transceiver is the most reliable, feature-packed, easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering available. The Plus lll is an Auto-Sensing Transceiver which means it will automatically switch between transm ... more info

The FreeWave Fusion Wireless Shutter/Flash/Grouping Remote Control (Canon) from Vello is a versatile, reliable remote control kit that will trigger off-camera lights from up to 300 feet away and can be used to configure 3 different light groups, triggered ... more info

The Impact PowerSync16 DC Radio Slave System is designed for triggering flash units and cameras up to 590' (180 m) away indoors, or 200' (60 m) outdoors using the included battery-operated transmitter and receiver. PowerSync16 has 16 digitally coded chann ... more info

The JrX Receiver is a great, low cost solution for triggering your off-camera flashes and studio strobes. The JrX System provides extremely reliable basic triggering as well as remote power control of your lights from your camera. Using the group dials on ... more info

The Impact PowerSync16 AC Radio Slave System (120VAC) is designed for triggering flash units or cameras up to 590' (180 m) away indoors, or 200' (60 m) outdoors using the battery-operated transmitter and 120VAC-powered receiver. PowerSync16 has 16 digital ... more info

The PocketWizard Plus II transceiver is beautiful in its simplicity. The Plus II is an auto-sensing transceiver which automatically switches from receive to transmit as needed and reliably triggers lights and/or cameras up to 1600 feet away. Utilizing adv ... more info

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