Top 20 Best Selling Skiing Tuning Equipment (2021)

All the brushes you need to get started. This money saving three brush kit contains:1 brass,1 nylon, and1 horsehair brush in a handy travel case.Brass brush (12 mm) for cold, hard waxes. Nylon brush (12 mm) for cleaning wax from base structure. Horsehair ... more info

Swix Sport has been leading the industry in ski and snowboard waxes, tuning tools, and accessories since 1946. The Gummy Stone is great for removing rust and burrs or for feathering back (detuning) the tips and tails. Every shop or do-it-yourselfer should ... more info

P-Tex Rods for base repairs.10 black ptex rods8 mm diameter.About 190 mm long (7.5 inches) long.Metal base scraper.Use this for P-Tex work on ski and snowboard bases.Suitable for light base planing.Use a plexi wax scraper for routine wax work3 Base Buffin ... more info

Ski sidewall stripper for stripping excess sidewall material with a precise carbide tool.Square cutting tool.Adjusts for height and depth.Other sidewall strippers may have a round blade; read Tuning Tips to learn which is best for you. ... more info

Whether you're setting up in a shack course-side or in your garage, the Swix Wax Table is an easy, convenient place to wax your skis. Featuring a removable wooden work surface and two adjustable heights, the Swix Wax Table is easy to clean and set up. Att ... more info

TV infomercial hosts would probably shout at you about how the DAKINE 10-Inch Scraper can not only offer you extra-wide hot-wax removal, but also scream about how it can slice, dice, and be worn as necklace. But hey, if you order in the next ten minutes, ... more info

Keep your snowboard fresh all season with the Dakine Deluxe Tune Tuning Kit. It comes with wax, a brush, scuff pad, and a scraper to keep your board lightning fast, P-tex to repair dings and dents in your base, and edge-tuning tools to keep your edges sha ... more info

Swix Steel Scraper For peeling or straightening bases. Not recommended for wax removal. Back | Ski Tools and Waxes ... more info

RaceWax Ski Tuning Kit, Basic Edition, PLUS SKS Waxing IronEdge Beveler for 88 / 90 side edge angles;40 g bar of All Temperature Wax;5 inch Wax Scraper (color may be different than shown);Large Edge Stone;Metal Scraper;Clear P-Tex;Black P-Tex;Two Brake Re ... more info

Made in Vermont We live and work in Vermont. Our backyard is the perfect testing ground to make the finest Premium All Weather Performance Socks. We ski, snowboard, hike, bike and run in the most unforgiving climate in the lower 48. It is under these cond ... more info

Set of 3 black P-Tex sticks for base repairs on skis and snowboards. Repair gouges and scrapes. Save money by performing minor repairs at home. Requires a small torch to drip and apply. ... more info

Want to Carve those great GS Turns? Then you have to maintain your edges- Wintersteiger makes it easier for the DIY tuner- small accurate and super easy to use- the multiple stone system puts a perfect edge or your skis/boards everytime Side edge sharpe ... more info

The Swix Jaw Economy Vise is a great 3 piece vise. Works with the ski flat for base work or on the side for edge work. Fully adjustable, wide jaws. Clamp to most benches. ... more info

Side and base edge bevel multi tool with three DMT diamond stones and includes a metal file.This one tool is all you need to sharpen and bevel your edges. Dial a precise angle from 0 degree to 5 degrees in 0.5 degree increments.Three diamond stones includ ... more info

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