Top 20 Best Selling Sitars Stringed Instruments (2020)

Don't we all. Up til now, sitar has been a bear to emulate with guitar pedals. Luckily, we have the electro-harmonix Ravish Sitar, which gives you the essence of the sitar, complete with a polyphonic lead voice and tunable sympathetic string drones that r ... more info

The Banjira 7-String Sitar String Set consists of looped end strings made in India with the following diameters and materials:Tuning and String Gauges: 1 0.012 in 0.32 mm Steel 2 0.015 in 0.38 mm Bronze 3 0.015 in 0.38 mm Bronze 4 0.022 in 0.56 mm Brass 5 ... more info

Sitar Accessory. Made by Banjira.Plastic wrapped metal wire finger pick for the sitar. ... more info

The Banjira Sitar Chikari and Sympathetic String Set contains 15 steel strings with looped ends made in the USA. The chikari are typically drone strings while the sympathetic strings vibrate on their own creating the overtones that give the sitar its dist ... more info

This is our miniature version of the Standard Dark Sitar. Standard decorations, no rear toomba, 5 main, 2 chikari and 4 sympathetic strings. Approximately: 22 1/2L x 6 W x 5 H. Makes a perfect decor item. Decorations and colors will vary. These are all in ... more info

NO CUSTOMS DUTY OR TAXES APPLY TO USA CUSTOMERS. An electric sitar is a kind of Electric guitar designed to mimic the sound of the traditional Indian instrument, Sitar. This Electric Sitar has 7 Main Strings, 13 Sympathetic strings and a standard 1/4 inch ... more info

Sitar Pickup. Origin Country: USA. 0.25 lbs. Made by K & K Sound.This top performance, wide-range, twin-head piezo transducer system was especially designed for bigger instruments with low mechanical resonance. The two heads allow for positioning at two s ... more info

NO CUSTOMS DUTY OR TAXES APPLY FOR USA CUSTOMERS. Rabab is a lute instrument which has its origin in Afghanistan and then moved onto other neighbouring countries. It is a stringed instrument and has been in existence since the 8th century. It has a heart ... more info

Sitar master Ashwin Batish starts this video from the very basics. But these steps are also very important even for the initiated. Ashwin is not only a remarkable teacher but also a very thorough one. These tutors have been a tremendous help to many aspi ... more info

Sitar Accessory. Made by Banjira.Wound metal wire finger pick for the sitar. ... more info

Egg Bead, Bone, 2 Pack (Item Code: STMP-BB) Used for tuning the sitar. Size will vary approximately 3/4 of an inch long. Natural bone, expect irregularities. ... more info

Here we have two very rare exploitation lps from back in 1967. Very much in the same vein as Psychedellic Guitars, Psychedelic Visions and The Mind Expanders, here is the cheesy record company's attempt at cashing in on The Peace & Love Movement of the mi ... more info

BLEMISHED Sitar Fiberglass Case, Double Toomba. This is a hard shell fiberglass case with a padded interior for a full size sitar. It has two hand grips for flexability in carrying. when you have long distance there are wheels so you can pull it along. Th ... more info

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