Top 20 Best Selling Signal Processors Studio Recording Equipment (2021)

BEHRINGER POWERPLAY HA4000 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier Ultra-compact headphone amplifier system for studio and stage applications 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections Highest audio quality with virtually all types of ... more info

Modi is the most advanced USB DAC under $100 that is made in the USA. With a C-Media CM6631 USB 2.0 asynchronous input receiver and 24-bit AKM4396 DAC coupled to an active filter output stage, Modi is ideal for a computer-centered audio system. USB Power ... more info

Direct Box Click here for a larger image Inputs & Outputs Click here for a larger image Connect to High-Power Signals Click here for a larger image Convert the Output of Unbalanced Devices Click here for a larger image Professional Power A direc ... more info

There is nothing worse than having a great TV to watch your favorite programs, while having a grainy or pixilated (digital cable) picture. Motorola BDA amplifiers give your TV signal a boost while maintaining full compatibility with all of your cable serv ... more info

This 9-Volt AC power supply is designed for the Stompbox Modelers (DL4, MM4, DM4, AM4, and FM4), POD, PODXT, and Variax. It is intended for use in the USA, Canada, and other countries with 120-Volt power standard. Features a US-style power plugs and 120-V ... more info

BEHRINGER ULTRA-DI DI400P High-Performance Passive DI-Box Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to mixers and amplifiers Ult ... more info

Are you prepared when it's time to perform? Are you really prepared? It pays to take care of the details before you go onstage. And if we were you, we'd take our favorite DI โ€” Whirlwind's IMP 2 โ€” out of our gig bag when we spy that ratty old box the sound ... more info

The Panlong HDMI Bi-directional Switcher supports One Input to One of the Two Outputs or Two Inputs to One Output. In case you want to setup a system where you need to connect two high-definition HDMI sources like a Blu-Ray player or PS3 to a single HDMI ... more info

The DS-2 Turbo Distortion features twin modes for an expanded range of distortion--taking users from blues-rock rhythms to searing leads at the press of a pedal or twist of a knob. Classic BOSS distortion tones with added Turbo modes Turbo Mode I produces ... more info

The PSB-120 power adapter is synonymous with the PSB-1U adapter and is for use with Roland keyboard models including the:AD-5, AR-100, AR-200, AX-Synth,BR-8, BR-900CD,CD-2E, CF-10, CM-300, CM-32L/P/64, CM-500, CR-80, CS-10, Cube Street,D-2, D-5, DIF-800,E ... more info

If you've been running live sound for a some time, nothing really weirds you out anymore. However, there's one thing you know for sure: no matter how prepared you think you are for a gig, someone will always spring something on you that you just didn't se ... more info

Teac PS-P520 AC Adapter PS-P520 Camera Power Adapters ... more info

The MB15 ProMatch converts consumer level stereo RCA signals to balanced XLR professional line level, and back. One side of the unit, labeled 1, has two XLR inputs and stereo RCA outputs. The other side labeled 2, has stereo RCA inputs and two XLR outputs ... more info

BEHRINGER MICROHD HD400 Ultra-Compact 2-Channel Hum Destroyer Removes AC hum and noise - fast, easy and reliable Breaks ground loops safely, while keeping highest sonic quality 2 independent channels for 2 mono or 1 stereo signal Automatically converts ... more info

BEHRINGER ULTRAGRAPH FBQ-PRO FBQ1502 Audiophile 15-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer with FBQ Feedback Detection System Professional 15-band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio applications Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly reve ... more info

Bringing a cool, new twist to the outdated generation of complicated and risky talk boxes, the Banshee is a unique new product that gives classic rock touches to today's players. Although talk boxes have been used in the making of hit music (Aerosmith, Fr ... more info

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