Top 20 Best Selling Signal Boosters / Antenna Boosters / Wireless Extenders (2021) Reviews

Top rated signal boosters for home and office.

Designed for consumers, the improved zBoost SOHO YX545 cell phone signal booster extends a Cell Zone for multiple users and ALL devices operating on 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands except those using Nextel/iDEN, 4G or 2100MHz. The new zBoost SOHO improv ... more info

Wilson Electronics 801247 Desktop Dual-Band (800/1900 MHz) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Small Area in a Home or Office. Amplifies signals to and from the cell tower, and significantly reduces dropped calls and increases data rates. Easy to install an ... more info

Wilson Electronics 815226 Sleek Cell Phone Signal Cradle Booster is designed to work with all cell phones. The Sleek features a signal booster, a cradle, and a built-in port for battery charging. The Sleek amplifies signals both to and from the cell tower ... more info

The New 62 Db in Building Dual Band 75 Ohm Cellular Amplifier Kit for 800/1900 MHz Frequency for up to 10,500 Free Square Foot Home/Office that is easy to install. Tech Support Assistance available. The amplifier improves cellular signal (both voice and d ... more info

CELLULAR INNOVATIONS ABOOSTER Universal Antenna Booster Fits behind battery 1-year warranty ... more info

Wilson Electronics 801241 MobilePro Dual-Band (800/1900 MHz) Cell Phone Signal Booster for your Car or Small Area in a building. Designed for portability, it includes several power adapters and is easily moved from your vehicle to your home, hotel, airpor ... more info

The Wilson Mobile Wireless 3 Watt Cellular Amplifier has been carefully engineered to significantly improve the performance of your cell phone or wireless data card in mobile applications for any U.S. Cellular Provider (Except iDEN/Nextel). Together with ... more info

zBoost YX400-P Signal Booster for Sprint and MetroPCS Extending Cell Zones for the Home or Office, Designed for consumers, the zBoost-ONETM cell phone signal booster extends a Cell Zone for single or multiple phones/devices on the same PCS carrier (either ... more info

5 X Range Extender-Extends up to 5 times the original range of your WiFi access in open space. Magnetic Mount-Put the antenna near the window or on top of a vehicle where it can pick up more signals. Plug and Play-No extra pigtails needed. Comes with 6 fe ... more info

The cell phone and PDA antenna reduces static and increases reception in buildings, hallways, drive in tunnels, and more! Simply place the antenna under your battery to add the equivalent of a 4' antenna to your phone or PDA This contains 6 individually p ... more info

Designed for consumers in single story dwellings, the zBoost Metro amplifies cell phone signals for all phones and moblie devices and all US carriers (except Nextel). The zBoost Metro for the home or office extends an indoor cell zone up to 1500 square fe ... more info

The YX039-PCS-CEL dual-band outdoor signal antenna system allows your Wi-Ex cell phone signal booster to provide a larger area of improved indoor signal strength and improve indoor performance where weak outdoor cell signals exist. The antenna operates wi ... more info

Designed for consumers, the zBoost dual band cell phone signal booster extends a zBoost Cell Zone for single or multiple users in homes or offices simulatneously. ... more info

The SignalBoostTM Dual Band 800/1900 MHz Cellular Amplifier Kit is a single-user solution that boosts signal for a cell phone in the hands-free cradle. Increase your safety while driving and improve your cellular signal with Wilson's new Cell Phone Cradle ... more info

Just Peel It and Stick It. Cell phone antenna booster. Applies easily to the back of any cell phone, laptop or mobile device. Say goodbye to dropped calls and bad reception. RF SuperBooster is an Advanced Micro Antenna that focuses cell phone signals ... more info

Wilson Electronics 841263 Db Pro In-Building 62 Db Dual Band Cellular Amplifier Kit (With Yagi Antenna) ... more info

The zBoost YX012 Outdoor Grounding Kit is a safety item that should be used on all external mount antennas. Protects against electrical shorts or a nearby lighting strike. The antenna ground provides a lower path to a safe discharge point. Also grounding ... more info

Featuring two times the power of a normal cell phone, the SignalBoost Mobile Pro Dual Band 800/1900 MHz Cellular Amplifier is designed to significantly enhance cellular signal for multiple cell phones or cellular-based data cards (except iDEN/Nextel) simu ... more info

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