Top 20 Best Selling Showerhead Filters Showerheads (2020)

Replacement cartridge for Culligan WSH-C125, HSH-C135, and ISH-100 reduces chlorine and scale for softer, cleaner skin and hair. ... more info

Sprite High Output Shower Head Replacement Chlorine Filter Replacement Filter for The Sprite High Output Massaging Shower Housing 2 3/4-Inch Wide By 2 1/2-Inch In Diameter each Filter Lasts Approximately Six Months ... more info

Beauty water shower purification system is a patented 2-stage shower filter system that changes ordinary, polluted tap water into pure, pH balanced water. Designed to remove synthetic chemicals and toxic heavy metals, the system delivers the purest form ... more info

The Aquasana Shower Filter has a unique two-stage filter process for the healthiest shower possible. Stage 1 removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D. Stage 2 uses a carbonized coconut shell medium f ... more info

Prevents drying of skin and hair / White inline shower filter / Reduces Sulfur odor, Scale, Chlorine taste and odor up to 97% ... more info

NSF Certified Performance. The CQ1000 Dechlorinating Shower Filter. Stop showering in chlorine! * Healthier, younger looking skin * Softer, more manageable hair * Reduces fading of color treated-hair * Relief from dry skin and scalp * Improved lath ... more info

High-Output Massaging Shower Filter contains a reversible filter cartridge that will filter harmful chlorine and other chemicals from your shower water for one year. This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ulti ... more info

RDSH-C115 Features: -Shower head.-Level 2 extra filtration.-Filters chlorine.-Bacteriostatic indicates that system limits passage or growth of bacteria that may already exist in incoming water.-Reduces chlorine, sulfur odor and scale.-Filter life: 10000 G ... more info

Sprite Shower Filter KDF and chlorgon, Replaceable Filter Features & SpecificationsSprite Shower Filter KDF with Replaceable Filter The Sprite High Output Shower Filter has a relaxing adjustable massaging head providing a chlorine-free shower. Chlorine is ... more info

WaterChef Replacement Cartridges (2-PACK) for WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filtration Systems Genuine WaterChef Replacement Cartridges (2) provide superior chlorine reduction and are independently tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/AN ... more info

The Aquasana shower filter helps your family enjoy bathing in filtered water with a simple attachment to your shower line that you can install in minutes. Our unique two-stage shower filter system uses a combination of copper-zinc oxidation media and coco ... more info

The Sprite BB-WH White Bath Ball Filter features Sprite's patented Chlorgon media. It reduces the harsh effects of chlorine from your water for softer and smoother skin, hair and nails. This bath filter comes equipped with a special bracket, so it is full ... more info

Beauty Water Shower System replacement filter. Beauty Water Shower Purification System uses one of the highest grade filters to change ordinary shower water into pure, pH-balanced water that is free of hair stripping, skin damaging chemicals and metals. I ... more info

Rainshow'r Dechlorinating Replacement Filter cartridge for Rainshow'r Dechlorinating shower heads and filters. *Filter should be replaced about every 6 months. ... more info

The KDF shower filter removes up to 95% of chlorine. The KDF 55 granules also remove or reduce hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, scale and water-soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury and iron. KDF process media also kill bacteria and inhibit the grow ... more info

Finish :Chrome The High-Output Shower Filter (HO) contains a reversible filter cartridge that will filter the shower water for one year. This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity ... more info

Get softer skin, shinier hair and cleaner air. The Aquasana Premium Shower Filter enhances pH balance and removes over 90% of the chlorine in your shower water that can cause dry, itchy skin and brittle, lifeless hair. Chlorine can strip your skin and hai ... more info

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