Top 20 Best Selling Shop Dust Collectors (2022) Reviews

These top rated & powerful shop dust collectors are a pleasure to use, helps in cleaning up your shop quickly and quietly. Top rated shop dust collectors made by quality brands Festool, Jet, Powermatic, PSI Woodworking, DELTA, JDS etc.

The Jet 3-speed air filtration systems clean and circulate the air in your shop while you work, filtering 98-99 of all particles, five microns in size and 85 of particles one micron in size. And with the timer, you come into your shop, set the timer for t ... more info

A powerful dust collector from Shop Fox. This unit features an extra heavy-duty 12 steel impeller and a 1-1/2 HP motor that runs on 110V. ... more info

Includes PM1200 1/4 HP Air Filtration System - 1791330 ... more info

This new development from JDS carries with it all the great features of the model it replaces, and adds a new remote control system. The JDS 750ER is a high efficiency three stage air filtration system that removes the dangerous to breathe talc-fine dust ... more info

Designed for portability, the model W1727 1 HP Dust Collector can be moved from one machine to another when needed, instead of having to build an entire fixed dust collection system and running ducts to each machine. Some of the machines that this unit wo ... more info

The new CT26 incorporates increased capacity, innovation and versatility into this new design. With the dual mode power activation, the user chooses either a tool activated or manual activated start-up. This CT (Cleantec) unit is extremely mobile, with a ... more info

Help protect your health with the Delta 50-760 1-1/2-Horsepower, 1,200-CFM Dust Collector. Thanks to one-micron filtration bags, a powerful motor, replaceable dust ports, easy maneuverability, durable construction, and more, the 50-760 provides dependable ... more info

The JDS Dust-Force 1.5 HP 1,250 CFM Dust Collector with 1-Micron Canister makes a shop cleaner, healthier, and more productive environment. A forceful 1.5 HP motor provides 1,250 CFM. The sturdy steel base with four easy gliding wheels make moving from ma ... more info

Tired of making do with your wet/dry shop vacuum? We don鈥檛 blame you. Step up to this JDS collection system make all the sawdust you want. After the initial setup (which is a little tedious but not taxing), it鈥檚 all but maintenance-free; just empty the ba ... more info

Ideal for carving and sanding. This lightweight unit is a self-contained dust collection system. The fans and the filter are integrated into a portable 8 x 10 3/8 x 23 cabinet. Dust is drawn in by three computer-grade, quiet, maintenance free fans. Dust i ... more info

The Powermatic PM1300 Dust Collector has dual 4in. dust ports. It is available with canister filters. A digital timer can be set for up to 99 minutes, and an infrared sensor allows remote control operation. The all-metal duct improves airflow and rigidit ... more info

The JET Model 1100 dust collector is built with industrial-quality construction, effectively handling collection of wood chips and sawdust. Comes equipped with a quick-install collection bag, single-stage design, 4 casters for portability, and permanently ... more info

Includes 1 HP 650 CFM Dust Collector w/ Canister - 708642CK, Canister Filter ... more info

The DELTA 50-875 3-Speed Air Filtration System with Remote surpasses other air filtration systems by offering high air flow with three air-cleaning settings--540 CFM, 730 CFM, and 1,200 CFM--to suit your unique projects. Capable of filtering the air in a ... more info

This new style dust collector will change the woodworking dust collection marketplace. Most woodworkers are looking for the most efficient dust collection system they can find, and the new JET canister filter dust collector, which filters down to 2 micron ... more info

The DELTA 50-850 1.5 HP 1200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector features a volume-saving vertical design that doesn't compromise the power of its completely encased 1.5 HP motor, which moves up to 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute by employing curved steel ... more info

Includes 1,700 CFM Heavy-Duty Air Filtration System w/ Remote Control - 708615, Remote Control ... more info

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