Top 20 Best Selling Shoe Mounts Flash Accessories (2021)

This bracket provides an economical way to do both horizontal and vertical flash photography. This L bracket features two flash shoes, one for shooting with the camera in the standard horizontal position, and one for shooting in the vertical position. F ... more info

This Camgeeker DSLR friction 7 magic articulating arm is ideal for mounting monitor and LED lights onto DSLR Camera. easy to install, each joint is adjustable, and all of them is locked with one knob. The whole arm can be adjusted to different angles. ... more info

The CowboyStudio Hot Shoe Holder provides you with full control for the positioning your flash. With the built-in umbrella holder, you can have portable studio lighting without the hassle.You can mount up to 3 items at the same time. The device is machine ... more info

this adapter fits on the hot shoe of most cameras. It terminates in a 1/4-20 threaded spud and is used as a Monitor Bracket or anything else that has a 1/4-20 receptacle. ... more info

Features:Support Canon flash gun which trigger on hot shoe, support ETTLSupport flash gun which is not Canon brandAvailable to control flashguns or studio lights through PC socketSpecifications:Brand: PixelModel: TF-321Support TTL: NoSuit for Camera: Stan ... more info

This adapter converts a Canon Mini Shoe to a universal shoe, allows user to mount a LED Light or Mic with universal hot shoe to the camcorders. ... more info

Small, Lightweight, accurate, easily stored - just slide the bubble level cube into your cameras hot shoe. Together with a tripod, horizons are easily leveled. This 3-Axis Spirit/Bubble Level makes it easy to line up great shots. Simply put it into the ca ... more info

The Movo Photo HVA20 Accessory Shoe bracket mounts onto a camera's accessory shoe in order to provide two additional accessory shoes for mounting lights, monitors, microphones, or other accessories. In addition to the shoe mount, a 1/4-20 thread is also a ... more info

New 1/4 Camera Hot shoe mount w/ additional 1/4 screw for cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonnic, Fujifilm & Kodak. This is a so COOL 1/4 Hot shoe mount w/ a Swivel Ball-Head, a HOT Shoe adapter, a 1/4 screw and a Small spanner. This ... more info

This adapter converts a Sony Camcorder AIS Active Interface Shoe to a universal shoe, allows user to mount a LED Light or Mic with universal hot shoe to the camcorders. Compatible with Sony camcorder. DCR-SR82, DCR-DVD308, DCR-SR200, DCR-DVD910, DCR-SR200 ... more info

Adorama Heavy Duty L-bracket designed to hold the camera vertically. It has 2 standard shoe mounts, allowing two units of any type of flash to be mounted. A flash bracket allows you to move your external flash away from the camera for better lighting and ... more info

Shoe Adapter Adapts Multi Interface Accessories to Auto-lock type Alpha hot shoes ... more info

Hot Shoe Flash Stand Adapter with 1/4-inch -20 Tripod Screw ... more info

The Vivitar Digital Off-Shoe Flash Cord works with all dedicated flash units for Canon cameras. One end of the cord plugs into the hotshoe of the camera, and the other has a hotshoe connection for the flash. This allows the flash to be removed from the ca ... more info

Stop straining your eyes trying to read a blocky bubble level! This innovative and efficient design centers the bubble within a circle over your hot shoe. You can easily see whether the bubble is centered, and this level takes up much less space than a la ... more info

Cowboystudio NPT-04 4 Channel Wireless Hot Shoe Flash Receiver for Canon EOS, Nikon, Olympus & Pentax Flashes includes One (1) NPT-04 Wireless Receiver, One (1) On/Off Switch, One (1) LED Light to Indicate Triggering, One (1) Standard 1/4 Screw Mount ... more info

This new and affordable bracket offers an elegant way to mount three Speedlites on the shaft of a parabolic, Halo, Apollo or pop open umbrella. Unlike the competition, this bracket centers the speedlites perfectly within the modifier allowing you to utili ... more info

The ALZO Shoe Mount easily attaches to all Blackmagic Cinema and Pocket Cinema cameras providing easy mounting of accessories including microphones, field monitors, wireless receivers and more. This shoe mount has a sure grip rubber base to prevent rotati ... more info

A great little accessory for attaching a shoe mount flash to your Magic Arm. This allows ultimate flexibility in setting your flash exactly where you need it. ... more info

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