Top 20 Best Selling Shoe Horns & Boot Jacks (2021)

Tired Of Bending Over When Putting On Your Shoes? Avoid Back Problems Forever Using Our 24 Inch Easy Grip Extra Long Shoehorn A good shoehorn has one purpose and one purpose only and that's to make putting on your shoes a breeze without bending, back pai ... more info

This is a 7 1/2'' professional metal shoe horn. This item is used to help slide your foot into your shoes without damaging the heel counter. Using this shoe horn from Star will help prolong the life of your shoes by keeping the heel from breaking down eac ... more info

Prevents the breakdown of the heel counters (heel of shoe) Great for use with all types of shoes including Golf Shoes -Gently curved to fit the heel. ... more info

Long shoe horns are handy for people with arthritis, hip or knee replacement, general problems bending and reaching down. Long shoe makes it easier to put on shoes without harmful flexion of the hip or knee. ... more info

The 31 Long Handle Shoe Horn is one of the longest shoehorns you will ever find. This shoe horn was specifically engineered to put your shoes on while standing, with less effort, and virtually no bending required. The flexible spring provides you the fle ... more info

Keep your shoes looking brilliant with this handy, silver plated shoe horn. The quality is unmatched! Never crush your shoe counter again. Plus, it's engravable. Personalize it or use it as is. Either way, this item is a must have! ... more info

An indestructible, slippery metal shoe horn. Measures 3.5 long. Extends the life of shoes by preventing the breakdown of the heels. Pocket Size Great for Travel! ... more info

Are you sick and tired of bending over to put on your shoes or boot? Avoid chronic back problems now with our 24 inch durable easy grip extra long plastic shoe horn. Our extra long shoe horn is the perfect solution for anyone who has aches and pains in t ... more info

You get 2 shoe horns Shoe horns measure 18.5 Black plastic ... more info

High quality 24'' metal shoehorn. Flexible spring handle for easy use. Sturdy hook loop for easy grip and hang storage. Slip on your shoes quickly without even bending over. ... more info

Putting on shoes is easier than ever with our long-handled shoehorns. About 30 in length, it allows you to slip on footwear effortlessly and without bending over. Made of plastic, its flexible, one-piece design offers sturdy use. And curved, hook-like han ... more info

The Duro-Med long handle shoehorn extends an individual's reach to 24 long. Comes with a chrome-plated shaft and a flexible head for easy use. ... more info

Ableware combination dressing stick/shoe horn is a dressing aid for putting on and taking off clothing. The stick/shoe horn has an angled, large hook to hold and pull clothing without garments slipping off, with two pushers for removing clothing and shoes ... more info

PVC Boot jack Nice and sturdy plastic, no parts to break off this boot jack, all in one molded Boot Jack. ... more info

Telescoping shoe horn. adjustable length design can be used while sitting or standing. guides feet into shoes without bending. durable and lightweight construction with hanging storage hook hole. ... more info

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