Top 20 Best Selling Separatory Funnels Lab Funnels (2022)

Bomex separatory funnels with ground glass stoppers and petcocks. The funnel is 14-1/2 overall. An excellent price for basic lab glassware. ... more info

Separatory Funnel, Conical Shape ,1000 ml ,1/pk The stopcock bores, body openings, and stems of these funnels are carefully aligned to provide smooth, even liquid flow with fast cut-off. Available in conical or globe shapes, both versions include a PTFE k ... more info

Squibb style separatory funnel with a teflon stopcock. Supplied complete with a flask length stopper . ... more info

Separatory Funnel, conical pear shaped, is made of heat resistant Borosilicate Glass with PTFE Stopcock and Ground Glass Stopper. Stopcocks do not require expensive lubricant therefore reducing the risk of contamination and freezing. Capacity 500ml. Texas ... more info

A separatory funnel is most of ten used in laboratories to distinguish the densities between of 2 different liquids. These are conical shaped, made of Bomex Brand glass, come with a ground glass stopper, and a PTFE stopcock which never needs greasing. Cap ... more info

Offered for sale is a complete separatory funnel set-up. This set-up includes the support stand, support ring and 1000mL borosilicate separatory funnel with a PTFE stopcock. This comes with a cast iron support stand with a 6 x 9 base and 24 rod. The cast ... more info

This attractive wooden funnel holder is ideal for air drying funnels or for use with gravity filtration. Choose from either single or dual funnel holder models. Image may vary. ... more info

Pear-shaped design, widely used in organic chemistry for separating organic from aquaticus products. Supplied with PTFE stopcocks to eliminate freezing and lubricant contamination and to provide a precision fit within the barrel. The stopcock bores, body ... more info

Squibb Pear Shaped Separatory Funnel 125ml with PTFE Stopcock, Made of Borosilicate Glass, Supplied with a SOLID Ground Glass 24/40 Penny Head Stopper, All Pieces are made of Low Expansion Borosilicate in our ISO 9001 approved Factories and meet the stric ... more info

SEOH PTFE Stopcock, Straight Through; Bore 3, Arm diameter: 8mm ... more info

Separatory Funnels Pear-shaped design, widely used in organic chemistry for separating organic from aquatic products. These funnels all have ground glass stoppers and stopcocks Separatory Funnel Set A complete set-up, including 20 Support Stand, Separato ... more info

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