Top 20 Best Selling Selector Switch Boxes Distribution (2021)

Switch easily between three HDMI sources such as DVD players, game consoles, and more. When one device is turned off, the pigtail switcher will automatically select the next device, or you can manually select with the button. Supports HDMI 1.3b, HDCP pass ... more info

OREI HD-102 1x2 HDMI Splitter This reliable splitter will take any HDMI signal (rev 1.3b) and duplicate the signal, sending the same high definition signal to 2 displays simultaneously. Product Features: - Excellent Quality - The heavy-duty cool metal en ... more info

High performance HDMI Switcher Easily switches three sources to one display. Key-press-switching function and intelligent function. With one fixed HDMI cable (pigtail) this converter not only reduces cost but also save time for consumers.HDMI Switcher rou ... more info

Kinivo 301BN is a premium quality High speed HDMI Switch for your gaming or home theater setup. It allows for switching upto 3 HDMI inputs into one output and supports resolutions upto 1080p. Easy plug & play operation Simply plug in the hdmi input sou ... more info

Description:Connect 3 video devices (such as XBOX DVD PS2) to the Input1, 2, 3 connectors while your TV to the Output connector with the offered RCA cable. Then, at once you want to use one of the three connected Video devices, just pull the switch to the ... more info

J-Tech Digital (registered US trademark) proudly introduces this latest generation HDMI to HDMI + Audio Extractor. It is known that the most benefit of the HDMI technology is to integrate the audio and video signals together. Awfully the bad effect of the ... more info

This 3-port HDMI switch (HDMI switcher or HDMI selector) receives signals from up to 3 HD sources, and then it outputs to an HDTV/monitor. You can connect up to 3 HDMI sources to this switch at the same time. HDMI Switching Features: Connect up to 3 H ... more info

This 5-port HDMI switch (HDMI switcher or HDMI selector) receives signals from up to 5 HDMI devices, and outputs to an HDTV / monitor. You can choose your desired HD source with a simple remote control. You can connect up to 5 HDMI devices to this switch ... more info

Simply plug in the hdmi input sources into the input connections and the output connection to your TV or projector. The Sabrent ST-HDMI will automatically switch to the currently active input source if there is only one active input. If there are multiple ... more info

This HDMI splitter lets you use multiple screens with one HDMI source. Are you interested in using multiple HDMI sources with one HDMI screen? Check out our very own 3x1 HDMI switch.This reliable HDMI splitter will take any HDMI signal (rev 1.3b) and dupl ... more info

Television technology changes quickly; are you able to keep up with the times? With this HDMI 1.4b pigtail switcher, you'll be able to take full advantage of all that modern televisions have to offer.HDMI 1.4b supports HDCP pass-through, HDTV resolutions ... more info

This speaker selector box allows you to play audio to up to four different stereo speaker sets. It easily handles up to 100 watts per channel with speaker systems that have a minimum impedance of 8 ohms. Each input has an on/off switch. Protection circuit ... more info

More ports for more devices!With HDMI becoming the standard plug on most new devices, it's hard to have enough ports on your TV/display for all your devices to stay plugged in. This causes you to have to switch out devices whenever you want to use a new d ... more info

The 3x1 HDMI mini switcher routes high definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the three sources to display unit. Three inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection of up to three high definition video so ... more info

This 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch is with 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. It is a true matrix and can distribute any one of 4 sources to either of 2 displays, and can work as a splitter to show the same source on 2 displays simultaneously. It full HD 1080p, a ... more info

This 3 Port HDMI switch receives signals from up to 3 HDMI sources, and outputs to an HDTV/monitor. It will automatically switch to the source that is turned on the latest; you can also easily choose your HD source with a remote control. You can connect u ... more info

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