Top 20 Best Selling Seafood Knives Specialty Knives (2020)

These fish bone tweezers are an essential tool for gently pulling bones from a fish without tearing the flesh. ... more info

Set of 4 stainless steel seafood forks easily remove meat from shellfish. Spoon shaped end for scooping and tined end for picking. You'll find lots of uses for these slender seafood forks from Norpro. Not only are they terrific for retrieving lobster and ... more info

Fish Scaler, 9-1/2', stainless steel, Fish Scaler by Winco. WINCO is a manufacturer and worldwide importer of kitchenware and tableware. From cookware to flatware, we are dedicated to provide professional chefs and restaurateurs with quality products and ... more info

Cuisinart's seafood set serves up shellfish with the panache of a bistro chef. The eight-piece set includes two shell crackers and six forks. Strong and tough, the zinc alloy crackers tackle the toughest lobster claws and crab legs. The forks are ideal fo ... more info

If you love oysters you'll have to have an oyster knife. Prying at oyster shells with scissors, knives or screwdrivers is not only frustrating but dangerous. Use this oyster knife and you'll see and feel the difference. The blade is made of high quality c ... more info

Progressive International's Seafood Scissors will cut and crack lobster and crab as well as devein shrimp. ... more info

Designed with free-floating fingers which remove scales quickly and easily without the scales flying in all directions. ... more info

Hating shucking oysters? Well, worry no more. Oxo's sturdy Good Grips Oyster Knife allows you to get handle on opening the tricky shellfish. Features include: Sturdy, stainless steel bladeBent tip for prying open oyster shells with easeComfortable no-slip ... more info

Victorinox, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife, has been crafting fine cutlery since the later 1800's. Oysters knives are unique in the world of cutlery. To shuck an oyster a chef is presented with the task of splitting a rock first then proceeding t ... more info

These knives features double-edge stainless steel blades, a comfortable yet sturdy firm-grip plastic handle, with a steel hand guard. It is light in weight and ease of use. Opens oysters, clams and other shellfish. ... more info

These 4-inch all-purpose kitchen tweezers, constructed of durable stainless steel, are ideal for removing bones from raw fish and for extracting stems and seeds from fruits and vegetables. Their textured, easy-to-grasp surface and tapered, flat tip are de ... more info

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