Top 20 Best Selling SCSI Port Cards I/O Port Cards (2019)

A PCI-e version 2.0 x1 card from IOCREST, uses the newest Marvell 88SE9215 chipset single chip 4-port Gen III 6Gb/s host controller. ... more info

It turns any SATA HD/Optical device into a convenient external device at USB 3.0 speeds. ... more info

The IO Crest 2 Port SATA III 6Gbps PCI-Express x1 Card is the easiest way to update any computer with SATA ports. Once installed¸ this host card will add SATA ports with two independent channels. This allows support of two SATA devices at speeds of up to ... more info

Marvell HyperDuo technology combines solid state drive (SSD) speed and SATA HD capacity in a way it forms an ultimate high performance, cost effective and large storage system ... more info

A PCI-e version 2.0 x2 slot card from IOCREST, uses the newest Marvell 88SE9230 Chipset single chip 4-port Gen III 6Gb/s host controller. HyperDuo is configured with at least 1 hard disk drive (HDD) and up to 3 solid state drives (SSD). The technology use ... more info

RocketRAID 6Gb/s PCI-Express Gen 2x8 SAS/SATA RAID Host Adapter; The simplified SGL package reduces up-front costs and provides Solution Providers with the freedom they need to configure storage platforms that meet clients' exact specifications. ... more info

The RocketRAID 62x offers the next genera on ofSATA and eSATA 6Gb/s conne vity support to portmu plier enclosures for a maximum of 10 SATA devices. ... more info

Designed for connecting 2 storage devices with speed. Fastest data transfer rate up to 6.0 Gbps. Great for fast database and large data storage applications. ... more info

The Adaptec Series 8 and Series 8Q RAID adapters feature PMCs 8063 RAID-on-Chip (ROC), which combines an x8 PCIe Gen3 host interface with 12Gb/s SAS ports to enable a new generation of high-performance RAID adapters. Adaptec Series 8/8Q RAID adapters are ... more info

Performance Unified Serial RAID adapters support both SATA and SAS devices. Ideal for bandwidth intensive storage applications; NAS, OLTP servers, web servers, and digital surveillance. Offers Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection and Intelligent Power Manage ... more info

The RocketU 1022A is low-cost, high-performance external storage for Windows and Linux PC. RocketU 1022A HBA's support every generation of External USB drives. The RocketU 1022A is fully backwards compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 enclosures, and can be ins ... more info

Adaptec 29320LPE Single Channel Ultra 320 SCSI Controller - PCI Express x1 - Up to 320MBps - 1 x Ultra320 SCSI - SCSI Internal, 1 x 68-pin VHDCI - External ... more info

PCI Express x4 - Up to 320MBps - 1 x 68-pin VHDCI Ultra320 SCSI - SCSI External, 1 x 68-pin D-Sub (HD-68) Ultra320 SCSI - SCSI Internal ... more info

This is a, Genuine Dell Adaptec ASC-39320A GC401 FP874 Ultra320 SCSI/LVD Dual PCI-X 320MBps RAID Controller Card Compatible Part Numbers: RT372, F9685, FP874, GC401 Compatible Model Numbers: ASC-39320A Features/Specifications: Interface Type: PCI-X / 133 ... more info

SATA/eSATA/IDE Combo PCI Controller Card: 1x e-SATA Ports. 1x IDE (no Raid). 2x 32-Bit SATA. Cannot boot from this card. There is no BIOS on card. Single channel master mode hard disk controller supporting two enhanced IDE devices. Redefined Bus Master Pr ... more info

Adaptec W-Ultra SCSI-68 PCI Controller Card AHA-2940UW 68EXT 66-50int 917306-00 ... more info

Adaptec IBM Ultra Wide PCI SCSI Controller AHA-2940UW-B ... more info

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