Top 20 Best Selling Scissors Gardening Tools (2021)

Gro1 Floral Shears / Trimming Scissors - curved blade - An essential tool for the final stage of your harvest. - Ideal shears for effective floral pruning - Easy lock close mechanism - Spring loaded handles - Recessed spring socket - ... more info

comes with heavy duty nylon case with inner flap; case measures 14 * 9.5* 1.5 inches; this 14-pc bonsai tool set is made of carbon steel: fully inspected and lightly oiled; tools included are (from left to right; from 1st row to 2nd row): 7 trimming sciss ... more info

This 10-piece bonsai tool set includes: 7 1/2 large cutting scissors, 7 1/2 medium cutting scissors, 7 trimming scissors, 4 1/4 leaf cutter, 8 concave cutter, 8 1/4 knob cutter, 7 wire cutter, 8 1/2 rake with spatula, 9 root hook, and 5 3/4 broom. If you ... more info

This extensive 14-pc set includes: (1) 7 1/2 cutting scissors (large), (2) 7 1/2 cutting scissors (medium), (3) 7 trimming scissors, (4) 4 1/4 leaf cutter, (5) 8 concave cutter, (6) 8 1/4 knob cutter, (7) 7 wire cutter, (8) 10 1/2 trunk splitter, (9) 9 in ... more info

Gro1 Floral Shears / Trimming Scissors - Straight blade - An essential tool for the final stage of your harvest. These have a built in recessed spring. Unique feature so the spring does not pop out. ... more info

Kirkland Pruning Shears 7-piece Set - Pro-style Forged Bypass. Includes large, all-purpose pruner, small precision pruner, easy-change SK5 blades, 2 replacement springs, 1 carbine sharpening tool with lubricating tip ... more info

Precision Sharp blade for quick and easy pruning.Allow fine tuning after extended use,handy tension control for precise cuts.Soap grove to prevent the blade from sticking,and an ergonomic handle design that's comfortable to use.Color:show as pictures,Rand ... more info

The Zenport ZS102 7.25-inch (185mm) long scissors with an extra-long (70mm) long carbon steel blade. Blades are hard-chrome plated to prevent rust. Non-slip TPR grips provide comfort for ease of operation. A safety cap is included with the scissors for sa ... more info

Comfortable precise all purpose scissors for home and hobby use. Ideal for paper, wallpaper, leather, textiles, twine etc. Very precise cutting of long straight cuts ... more info

GARDEN FLOWER TOOL. May be used as Pruning Shear, Gardening Scissors. Plant Cutting and Snipping. This pruner has a curved blade near the pivot that allows for easier cutting of small shrubs. Serrated blade edges facilitate cutting thick plant stems. ... more info

The Perfect Craft And Utility Scissor. Cuts Paper Like A Dream, Great For 1001 Uses Around The House. Perfect For Scrapbooking And Other Crafts. Overall 7 1/2 Long With 2 3/4 Legs From The Bent/pivot Point Down. 7.5 Long Abs Handles Bent Angle Blades Non- ... more info

75-1079 Features: -Garden scissors.-Knife with half serrated blade.-Pruning knife.-Saw.-Weed fork.-Closes compactly.-Durable nylon carrying pouch with belt loop. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 8'' H x 4'' W x 1'' D. Warranty: -30-Day warranty. ... more info

Comfortable easy to use all purpose scissors for the kitchen and garden. Ideal for flowers, herbs, cord, binding wire, cardboard and plastic. ... more info

This listing is for 2 pieces of high quality bonsai tools made of carbon steel. The set includes: 7 1/2 cutting scissors and 8 concave cutters. If you are not ready to spend a lot on a sophisticated tool set, this is for you. These two pairs of shears are ... more info

The Zenport ZS 104 8.1-inch (205mm) soft-grip carbon steel scissors are designed for a wide range of gardening, craft and horticulture applications. ... more info

Make your food preparation faster with these multi blade herb scissors. 5 blades slice & dice with the work of one scissor snip. ... more info

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