Top 20 Best Selling Science Software (2021)

Celestron Sky Maps are the ideal teaching guide for learning the night sky. Even if you already know your way around the major constellations, these maps can help you locate all kinds of fascinating objects. The front cover has a specially designed lumino ... more info

Help your child master over 50 skills! JumpStart Advanced 4th-6th Grade Essentials makes learning fun. By combining skills correlated to state standards with exciting game play, your child will be both educated and engaged. Warning! This could lead to i ... more info

The Cell is a 3D scale model of a cell. It presents a generic model of animal cell with organelles descriptions. The size of the cell is related with the size of the organelles. A scale bar can also be shown by clicking the appropriate button.System Requi ... more info

LearnSmart is an unparalleled, intelligent learning system based on cognitive mapping that diagnoses your students' knowledge of a particular subject then creates an individualized learning path geared towards student success in your course. It offers ind ... more info

This CD contains a complete audio recording of the course Exploring Creation With Physical Science, Second Edition. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners or have reading challenges. Must play it in an MP3-com ... more info

Human Biology, 13th聽ed. 聽gives a clear, concise overview of how your body works, how to keep it healthy, and聽how our bodily systems can occasionally malfunction. Using current case studies and relevant examples, this book will help you聽appreciate how scie ... more info

Learning about biology just became as exciting as experiencing the wonder of nature firsthand. With interactive LearnSmart educational technology, Booker Biology 3e is an engaging, current and beautifully illustrated learning tool that teaches students fu ... more info

Important learning experiences are built into entertaining and engaging activities with an emphasis on creativity and teamwork as children work with their dino pals to construct stories, animated scenes, musical interludes and printable crafts. Features: ... more info

ChemTutor Excalibur is an interactive course that covers chemistry from high school up through the first year of college. Each of this edition's 20 subject areas offers a comprehensive tutorial and quiz section that tests mastery. Structured to enable lea ... more info

Chock full of real-world examples of聽how actual companies use the managerial accounting concepts discussed within each chapter,聽Managerial Accounting, 14th ed.聽is a comprehensive and cutting-edge textbook. To keep your education current, specific icons th ... more info

Learning and understanding of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language. The hieroglyphic script was the longest lived and earliest form of the Egyptian language. Its use was limited primarily to religious and monumental inscriptions, whereas a more curs ... more info

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