Top 20 Best Selling Science & Nature Software (2021)

Explore the world's amazing animals! Go face-to-face with wild animals as you witness fascinating habitats filled with untamed adventure. Includes over 40 unique animals in 16 action-packed activities! ... more info

In this fantastic and funny anatomical interactive adventure, children join Seemore Skinless, a mischievous 3D skeleton, in a variety of games and activities aimed at answering commonly asked questions about the body. They鈥檒l learn about human anatomy, he ... more info

This wonderful title from the award-winning Mia series allows children from 6 to 10 years old to learn about animals, their habitats, their eating habits and classification; the solar system; the human body; the clouds; the planets; the water cycle and mu ... more info

Important learning experiences are built into entertaining and engaging activities with an emphasis on creativity and teamwork as children work with their dino pals to construct stories, animated scenes, musical interludes and printable crafts. Features: ... more info

Join Ms. Frizzle and Her Class As They Explore the Solar System! Take an interplanetary adventure as Scholastic's The Magic School Bus blastsoff. You can help find Ms. Frizzle's hiding place by becoming a space traveler! Find clues and more. ... more info

Oregon Trail II is an educational video game released by MECC in 1996. It was published by SoftKey Multimedia. It is a revised version of the original Oregon Trail computer game. Oregon Trail II includes far more detail than the original. For instance, ... more info

Have a whale of a time with Ms. Frizzle and her class as you join them on a field trip to the Pacific Ocean. With The Magic School Bus Whales & Dolphins Activity Center, kids ages 6 to 10 experience whales and dolphins up close and personal, and find out ... more info

In Mia's Science Adventure: Romaine's New Hat, we see Mia take her mother's new hat without her permission. When a sudden storm takes it down the sewer, it gets taken by Romaine Rat -- help Mia retrieve it & make it back home! ... more info

Explains workings of more than 150 simple and complex machines and inventions. Examines fascinating worlds of history's great inventors from 7000 B.C. to the present. Guided by the humorous Great Woolly Mammoth, learn about 22 basic principles of science. ... more info

My Amazing Human Body is the best introduction to the human body and its working for your children. Learn about the human body from the inside out through interactive games and activities. ... more info

Auditory Memory High-Interest Quick Stories is an interactive program for improving higher-level auditory memory and comprehension skills. The CD-ROM and companion workbook contain 30 engaging curriculum-based short stories for science and social studies ... more info

World Discovery Deluxe is an interactive global geography and history program that tests your knowledge of geographical, political, and historical people, places, and events. This fun and educational program contains more than seventy-five maps from aroun ... more info

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade includes seven learning styles for better understanding. Experts have identified seven learning styles as some children respond best to songs, some to pictures, and others to words and rhymes. JumpStart Advanced uses your chil ... more info

Starry Night Pro 4.x offers stunningly realistic star-field views from 350 million light-years away or from your own backyard. Access to more than 500 million celestial objects--including the complete NGC/IC, PGC, and Hubble Star Guide catalogs--is perfec ... more info

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