Top 20 Best Selling Satellite Finders Mounting Accessories (2021)

Tired of paying cable and Satellite Company just to watch your favorite broadcast network shows? Why spend hundreds of dollars a year for cable and satellite only channels when you can watch broadcast television for FREE with the Clear TV HD Digital Anten ... more info

** This information is taken directly from Lava Electronics' website and is in no way the property of Amazon or any of the merchants selling on this listing. It is provided purely on the basis of informing potential buyers with the most current, correct ... more info

Low priced, one of the best digital signal finder in the market. Have you ever used an analog signal finder and thought you have signal locked in, and once you got in front of your receiver, noticed that the signal meter tricked you? With a digital sign ... more info

Satellite finder is great for remote satellite antennas. ... more info

The Triplett 3275 SatAlign 2 digital satellite signal strength meter has an MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) meter amplifier, an analog meter, and an audible tone to help install or realign a DBS (direct broadcast satellite) dish. The analog ... more info

Refurbished Birdog 4.0 w/ USB port and 64 satellite position memory. Now has built is spectrum analyzer. Enhanced graphics. View 2 satellites simultaneously. The Birdog finds and identifies satellites with Digital Data Stream identifier.(DDSI)Easily ident ... more info

Review: WS-6906 meter allows to quickly setup satellite dishes and LNBs. With the built-in satellite tuner, the user can view on the screen specific FTA channels and assess their quality. This enables the user to select (at the design stage) and verify (d ... more info

AIM Advanced Installation Signal Meter for DIRECTV Satellite Dishes ... more info

The Digilent Cmod S6 is a small, 48-pin DIP form factor board built around a Xilinx Spartan 6 LX4 FPGA. The board also includes a programming ROM, clock source, USB programming and data transfer circuit, power supplies, and basic I/O devices. There are 46 ... more info

This compass and clinometer (angle finder) is a precision liquid filled instrument with both functions built into the same housing. This device is excellent for satellite installers. The exact compass heading can be aligned and then the elevation angle ca ... more info

The Satellite Oasis NiMH Birdog battery pack is the perfect replacement for your aging Birdog Battery. Designed to Birdog specifications. Compatible with Birdog(s) 2.5, 3, and 4. Comes ready to install right out of the box. All that's needed is to charge ... more info

Description: This SatLink WS-6908 LCD DVB-S FTA Professional Digital Satellite Finder Meter is a battery powered hand held Satellite alignment meter demodulating DVB-S Signal. It's very convenient for installer to catch quick and accurate Alignment for ... more info

Features: * Connect your LNB and receiver to the satellite finder to track the clearest setting for the satellite you wish to tune to * Meter with LED display helps you know the strength of the signal clearly * Meter with audio tone helps you align satel ... more info

Features and Specs Small and fast digital signal meters Fast Sweep Technology Support DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG-4, ABS-S, CBS MPEG-4, ISDB protocol Tests the cable Input Frequency 950~2150MHz Input Level -65 ~ -25dBm Input Impedance 75Ω Shows quality readings ... more info

This SATHERO SH200 Pocket Satellite Finder is the Smallest and fastest digital signal meter. • Support DVB-S,DVB-S2, MPEG-4, ABS-S, CBS MPEG-4, ISDB protocol • Tests the cable • Input Frequency 950~2150MHz • Input Level -65~ -25dBm • Input Impedance 75Ω • ... more info

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