Top 20 Best Selling Sake Sets Glassware & Drinkware (2022)

Serve sake in style with this beautiful and traditional porcelain sake set. Each ceramic sake set consists of 1 sake carafe - which comes with 2 side indentations and a pointed spout for easy pouring - and 4 small sake cups for sharing sake with your frie ... more info

This sake set is made in Japan, and comes with 1 bottle and 4 colored cups. The Japanese kanji characters for spring, summer, fall and winter are written on the bottle. The cups are glazed to complement the feeling of each season; green for the grass in s ... more info

Impress your friends at your next Japanese dinner and serve the sake in this beautiful 5 Piece porcelain Sake Carafe and Cup Set Sake Carafe is Blue with Pink Cherry design and the cups are Green/Pink/Brown Set includes one sake carafe and four sake cup ... more info

This Calligraphy Designed Porcelain Sake set Includes One Sake Bottle and Four Sake Cups, Kanji on the Bottle Meaning Sake Material: Porcelain Sake Bottle: 6 in H x 3-1/4in Dia. Sake Bottle Capacity: 13 fl.oz Sake Cup: 1-3/4in H x 2in Dia Sake Cup Capaci ... more info

Contemporary designed glass sake set to serve your best quality chilled sake. The server comes with a glass pouch to put a few ice cubes in to keep your chilled sake cold! There are also 2 colored sake cups included in this nice set! Better quality sake i ... more info

Contemporary shaped sake set with rich shade of blue color. The square shaped sake server is 6 1/2 inches tall and is contemporary style. Each cup is 2 1/4 inches tall for a nice sized serving of sake! Nicely boxed, made in Japan. ... more info

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