Top 20 Best Selling Safety Interior Accessories (2022)

Medique 40061 61 piece First aid kit Developed for all consumers, the Medique portable clamshell first aid kit (model 40061) is great to keep in your car, under the kitchen sink, or in your workshop. It is also useful for sports teams and work place s ... more info

The AAA 121-piece Road Trip First Aid Kit includes first aid instructions, scissors, tweezers, 4 vinyl gloves (2 pair), 1 whistle, 10 cotton tip applicators, 3 sting relief pads, 9 antispetic towelettes, 20 alcohol prep pads, 2 triangular bandage, 1 5 x 9 ... more info

Trapped? Don't Panic! Use the LifeSaver Rescue Tool This Simple Auto Safety Tool Could Save Your Life Too many people die trapped in burning or sinking vehicles. Don't let this happen to you. This car escape tool could save your life. Seconds count in ... more info

The Buckle Up Angel Seatbelt Adjusterhas been designed to attach to the waist section of the seatbelt. The design allows the shoulder strap to adjust the belt away from your neck and chest area. This product has been safety tested for the Whole Family p ... more info

Emergency Exit Hammer.Auto Escape Hammer: Essential automobile safety equipment. Don't get trapped in your car. Use the LifeHammer auto escape tool when doors are jammed, the seat belt is stuck, and breaking the window is the only way out! Remove LifeHamm ... more info

Drive in safety and comfort! Free Your neck with the Frankie! Pack of 2. ... more info

No more embarrassment. Time to take control. Get your own Airplane Extender now! Fits: - Delta - American - Continental - US Airways - United - Virgin America - Virgin Atlantic - Frontier - JetBlue - Air Canada - JetBlue - Spirit - Hawaiian Examples of ... more info

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