Top 20 Best Selling Rules, Squares & Protractors Dimensional Measurement (2021)

Legendary Starrett accuracy takes error prone calculations out of the process of setting up miter cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read on the protractor. ... more info

e250 Professional Combination Square 12-inch Heavy Duty Professional Combination Square with Etched Stainless Steel Blade and True Blue庐 Vial. The e250 Combination Square features a stainless steel blade an ... more info

Red scale in either cm or inch.Centimeters are on one side and inches on the reverse.Used widely for home and shop, is a ideal gift for tailors.Automatically retractable measure tape by pushing the button ont the case.They can be used to measure clothes ... more info

680-45-300 Features: -High tempered aluminum for maximum durability.-Deep, long-wearing graduations for easy reading.-Protective lacquered coating resists corrosion.-Increment @ Scale: 1/8 in @ 1 in.-No. of Scales: 1.-Material: Aluminum.-Measuring System: ... more info

680-46-071 Features: -Rafter layout square with black body and yellow graduations for maximum readability in all light conditions.-Extra thick body for use as a saw guide with a 0 to 90 protractor scale.-Material: Aluminum.-Measuring System: Inch.-Type: ... more info

Multi-Mark redefines what it means to be a multi-purpose tool. Simple, yet durable design takes place of the T-square, torpedo level, depth gauge, story stick, and much more. Transfer measurements while installing ceramic tiles. Set reveal on a door frame ... more info

Magnetic Angle Locator, High Impact Body In Hi Visibility Orange, Clear Acrylic Lens With Easy To Read Increments In 0-90 Degrees In 4 Quadrants, V-Grooved Edge To Accommodate Pipe & Conduit, Extra Strong, Permanent Ceramic Magnet, Convenient Metric Rule ... more info

680-46-053 Features: -Rafter layout square with adjustable arm a Stanley exclusive.-Ideal for marking repetitive cuts accurately.-Black body with yellow graduations for maximum readability in all light conditions.-Common/Jack and Hip/Valley scales.-Can be ... more info

View larger View larger Swing Arm Protractor Our Swing Arm Protractor includes easy-to-read inch and centimeter marks for measuring arcs, and a convenient swing arm provides a straight edge that ensures precise measurement and makes drawing perfect angle ... more info

This is a quality stainless steel 6 digital caliper with extra large digital display plus molded case. It will measure .001 to 6 or .01mm to 150mm. Also calibrates to zero, converts SAE & METRIC with a touch of a button, it has a locking screw, measures i ... more info

This digital protractor/rule allows you to precisely set and measure angles in 0.05 degree increments. The stainless steel arms are graduated inch and metric scale for convenient and immediate linear measuring. Features a hold function, ensuring you never ... more info

Tempered steel desgined for durability. Deep graduations for easy reading on face and back. Surface protected with clear finish that resists rust. Reverse reading scale. 1/8 graduations on front and back. ... more info

Brass Stair/Square Gauge Set - 2/Card Super for repete angle cuts to make your stairs and rafters straight and true ... more info

12 inch Protractor Goniometer with 360 degree coverage with 1- degree increments to ensure ISOM accuracy. Measurements in inches and centimeters are also available on the arm of the goniometer. ... more info

The Empire professional framing square is built with precision and toughness to handle roof framing, hip roof and roof rafter framing. Anodized aluminum construction will not rust. High-quality square has high visibility, deep stamped and long-lasting gra ... more info

100 Model Code: AA - Price is for 1 Each (part# 100) Carpenter Square Tradesman Square Professional Square ''Fat Boy'' Framing Square This item features: -Increment @ Scale: 1/8 in @ 1 in. -No. of Scales: 1. -Measuring System: Inch. -Type: Framing Square ... more info

Mitutoyo Pocket Steel Rule, Length: Graduations: 6/150mm (1/64/1mm), Width: 1/2 Wide, Comment: With Pocket Clip. ... more info

The Empire 6in. pocket combination square with etched stainless steel blade is a great tool for any carpenter. The steel blade has inch graduations, machined square head, self-aligning draw bolt and hardened scriber. It also offers a True Blue vial for ac ... more info

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