Top 20 Best Selling Router Bits (2021) Reviews

Top rated router bits made from reliable brands – MLCS, Dremel, Freud, HLA, CMT, Porter-Cable, Magnate, Whiteside etc.

High quality carbide-tipped set includes many common sizes and styles: 4 Straight Bits (3/16, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4), 1 Round Over Bit (3/8), 1 Cove Bit (1/2), 1 Roman Ogee Bit (5/32), 1 45 deg Chamfer Bit, 1 Flush Trim Bit (1/2), 1 Rabbeting Bit (3/8), 1 Dovetai ... more info

Route, edge, mortise or inlay with this versatile set of bits made just the right size for rotary tools. They鈥檙e made of high-speed steel, a step down from the preferable carbide tips, but they鈥檙e plenty tough enough to do the job. You鈥檒l find endless use ... more info

5mm Spoon Shelf Support Nickel Pin Length 3/8 Shelf Rest 3/8 wide X 1/2 long ... more info

An industry leader for over 50 years, the Freud name equals quality, precision and craftsmanship. Freud router bits feature Freud made TiCo Hi-Density Carbide for maximum cutting life. Each bit is individually balanced, giving a cut above the rest. Trim ... more info

Dremel 655 Keyhole Routing BitDremel 655 Keyhole Routing Bit Features:; Allows you to cut keyhole slots in wood; Made from high-grade steel for smooth cuts and long life; Use with the Dremel Shaper/Router Table #231(2615-5572) or Router #330 (2615-3692); ... more info

24-Pc. Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set for smooth, precision-finish cuts. PRICED LESS! Carbide steel, one of the hardest materials ever developed by man! The tough carbide tips are precision ground to ultra-close tolerances, for decorative edges, moldings, ... more info

You'd pay hundreds more if you purchased these router bits separately. Order now and save! A dream buy for wood workers ... 35 high-quality Router Bits for just $1.14 each! This incredible from Eastern Steel set has a huge assortment of bits that let you ... more info

3 flute, micrograin carbide-tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. The double 1/4? cutter makes the tongue, and the single 1/4? slot cutter cuts the groove. 1-7/8 Large Diameter. 3/4 Cut Height. 1/2 Cut Depth. 1/2 Shank. ... more info

Use our bearing guided mortise bit for cutting the mortise on our hinge jigs. The bit is carbide tipped, has a 1/2 cutting diameter and a 1/4 shank. It leaves 1/4 radiused corners, which you'll need to square up with a chisel. ... more info

Application: Provides a stronger joint by increasing the surface area for glue. Plane boards to a uniform thickness; align bit to the center of the board, then reverse each board for a perfect glue joint. Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwood ... more info

Dremel 1/4 Straight Router Bit Ideal for routing, inlaying and mortising in wood and other soft materials. ... more info

This set will cut perfectly fitting (v-groove) tongue & groove joints ideal for flooring and wainscot paneling. Tongue & groove joints give extra gluing surface for extra-strong joints. Bits are industrial quality carbide tipped, 2 flute and have premium ... more info

An essential tool set for serious woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture builders and hobbyists; perfect for times when regular-size router bits are too cumbersome or large. Bits include: straight 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4; V-grooving 5/32 and 1/4; round-nose 1/4 ... more info

650 Cutting Diam: 1/8 (part# 650) This item features: -Applicable Materials: Wood, Soft Material. -Cutting Direction: Right. -Cutting Edge Material: HSS. -End Shape: Cutting End. -Measuring System: Inch. -No. of Flutes: 2. -Shank Diam: 1/8 in. -Speed: 35 ... more info

Carbide tipped. Designed for excellent smoothness of cut and balanced cutting. Cuts plywood, soft, and hardwoods. Precise hook angle for effcient cutting. Double flute. End of bit relief for fast plunge cutting. No. 04 100: 1 8 diameter x 3 8 flute 1 ... more info

7 Piece Router Bit Set. Contains Part Numbers: 1058 (1/4 straight), 1067 (1/2 straight), 1804 (3/8 cove), 1901 (Rabbeting), 2008 (3/8 Round Over), 2305 (Chamfer), 2405 (Flush Trim). All with 1/2 shanks. ... more info

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