Top 20 Best Selling Rosé Wine (2021)

2012 presented us with warm, consistent weather, after two vintages with some of the coolest temperatures on record. The dry summer produced fruit with a rich full character with the acidity in a perfect tension with slightly higher alcohol levels. ... more info

Red Mountain defines and unites us. There exists a certain character common to all its vineyards and grapes, one which translates into an identifiable wine style of power, length, and structure. Situated in the eastern corner of the Yakima Valley in easte ... more info

The 2012 vintage got off to a very slow start. It was cold and wet throughout the spring so the buds did not swell until surprisingly late in the season. As budbreak was so late, the weather was generally warm and stable during bloom - except for one worr ... more info

The 2013 growing season proved to be classic Dunnigan Hills. Cool nights and hot days maximized ripeness and intensity. ... more info

Flash a little attitude... You've never had a wine like Sweet Bliss Pink before. White Zins are sooo 2005. We know you're craving a wine with more zip and character. The complexity of Sweet Bliss Pink will exquisitely reveal itself to you with every brigh ... more info

Mad Housewife is non vintage in order to provide our customer with the best possible quality fruit at the very best price. Besides, a woman never shows her age, Darling! ... more info

To make rosé, you can either bleed off some juice from your red grapes. Or you can pick your fruit with the express purpose of crafting a great rosé. Guess what we did. We picked our choice 52% Carignane and 48% Syrah fruit a tad early to keep sugar level ... more info

Georgetown Vineyards sits high atop a scenic ridge overlooking the city of Cambridge, Ohio. The winery is surrounded by 5 acres of vineyards. Our winery is family owned and operated and specializes in a varied selection of award-winning wines, from dry Ca ... more info

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