Top 20 Best Selling Rope Barriers Safety Barriers (2021)

Stanchion Dimensions Height: 40 inches Base: 12.5 inches Post Diameter: 2.5 inches Belt Length: 7 ft 6 inches Weight: 21lbs ... more info

Lavi 3011 wall receptacle is used to attach a retractable belt end, pulled from a post or wall mounted unit to the opposing wall, to complete the temporary closure. The receptacle is made of aluminum and includes mounting hardware. ... more info

Lavi open and close aisles instantly with wall mounted retractable belt safety barrier/aisle closures. Our Beltrac wall mounted closures contain a 7-feet retractable belt with the patented Beltrac slow retracting belt mechanism for added safety. The units ... more info

This set of 2 stanchion posts is both stylish and fully functional as a crowd control system. Each stand measures 39.5 inches tall and features a weighted round base. The base by itself weighs 15.5 pounds and is equipped with a rubber along the bottom to ... more info

Lavi HDPE plastic tempest post. For durable, all-weather crowd control, choose the Tempest Plastic Post with 12-feet retractable barrier. The plastic post is constructed of weatherproof high density plastic (HDPE), the ideal choice for outdoor safety barr ... more info

Classic retractable belt stanchion for fixed budget Crowd control needs comes with the features of full size stanchions but yet cheaper. Height: 36 inches Post Diameter: 2.5 inches Base Diameter: 12 inches Overall Weight: 17 lbs Belt Length: 7 feet Sign f ... more info

Lavi Beltrac 3000 retractable belt stanchions (stantions) are the perfect choice for waiting lines, crowd control management, and queue systems. The continuous aluminum extrusion provides superior strength and rigidity to withstand the most extreme enviro ... more info

Lavi traditional posts sign frames are securely mounted on top of a grooved drum top, which fits into all traditional posts, to create an upscale sign stand. This portable sign stand can become part of your public guidance line accepting all Ropes, or sta ... more info

Lavi portable traditional post. Regal posts are virtually indestructible due to their structural steel skeleton. These stanchions are ideal in next teller lines in banks or for crowd control in busy movie theatres. Offered with a standard 12-inches rubber ... more info

These classic rope barriers combine perfectly with stanchions for stylish crowd control (stanchions not included). The rope is 78 long, so when hooked between two stanchions at the recommended height from the floor (24 for safety compliance reasons) the p ... more info

Accuform Signs plastic barricade/perimeter tape, legend CAUTION NO PARKING. Also known as perimeter tape and barrier tape as specified in ANSI Z535.5-3.2. High-visibility barricade tapes are a quick, temporary, and effective way to surround or section-off ... more info

VIP's proven high quality retractable belt barrier system that mounts just about anywhere. Perfect for aisle ways, warehouse racking, checkout stands, roll-up doorways, garage door entrances and the list is endless. Let the VIP Wall Mount product line ans ... more info

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