Top 20 Best Selling Rocking Shakers Lab Shakers & Accessories (2022)

The Benchmark Scientific B3D2300 BenchRocker 3D waving platform shaker has a speed range of 2 to 30 rpm; a large platform that holds culture plates, tubes, media bottles, and Erlenmeyer flasks with a total weight of 4.4lb.; an analog control knob for spee ... more info

The NR101 rocker has an 11 inch wide x 14 inch deep platform. 6-1/2 in. tall. ... more info

Modeled after our popular BioMixer series of nutating shakers, these platform rockers provide the perfect 3-dimensional motion for all blot related applications. Their tilt angle and speed have been optimally set for gentle, but thorough mixing in gel tra ... more info

The Benchmark Scientific BR1000 BenchBlotter rocking platform shaker has a fixed speed of 12 rpm; a platform with a rubber nonslip mat that holds culture plates, media bottles, and Erlenmeyer flasks with a total weight of 5lb.; and a platform tilt angle o ... more info

Tube Rack for Magic Clamp Platform Tube Racks for Magic Clamp Universal Platform to be used in the new INCU-SHAKER Mini incubator. The convenient MAGiC CLAMP platform is for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. The unique, magnetic attachment m ... more info

Modeled after the BioMixer series of 'nutating' shakers, the Mini BlotBoy 3-Dimensional Platform Rocker provides the perfect 3-dimensional motion for all blot related applications. The tilt angle and speed have been optimally set for gentle but thorough m ... more info

The Thermo Scientific 4630Q is a compact benchtop analog rocking shaker that uses 120V to rotate at a constant speed of 30rpm, and has a tilt angle of 10 degrees, continuous or timed operation up to 60 minutes, a white non-slip rubber mat platform, and a ... more info

The Grant Instruments PMR-30 benchtop digital rocker uses 100/240V at speeds between 5 to 30rpm, and has timed or continuous rocking, a large LED, a 210 x 210mm (W x D) platform, and a smooth, non-slip mat. (W is width, the horizontal distance from left t ... more info

Globe Scientific's mini tube rocker is designed to provide thorough agitation of tube sizes ranging from 1.5mL to 50mL. A grooved rubber mat securely holds the tubes in place. Small in size (only 5 x 13 inches), the instrument is small enough to fit on an ... more info

MultiTherm Block holds 35 x 1.5ml tubes and is used with the Benchmark Scientific MultiTherm Shaker (H5000-HC, H5000-H). Capacity: 35 tubes. Tube size: 1.5ml. Sold individually. Benchmark Scientific #: H5000-15. ... more info

The GyroMini is a smaller version of our popular GyroTwister. Its small size makes it ideal for mixing samples in blood and centrifuge tubes. Like the GyroTwister, the GyroMini combines the motions of an orbital shaker and a rocker to produce a three dime ... more info

The Rotator Genie is designed to provide variable speed rotating in a compact, durable and user-friendly unit. The unit's compact footprint will fit into most incubators allowing for controlled enviroment mixing. Model SI-2100 has a durable thermoplastic ... more info

The BenchBlotter is an economical workhorse rocker, designed for common molecular lab applications such as blotting, staining/destaining, etc. There are no complicated controls, no settings or adjustments to be made; just press the power switch and start ... more info

The Boekel 260100 Mini Orbitron benchtop analog shaker uses 115V at a fixed speed of 24rpm, and has a fixed tilt angle of 20 degrees, continuous shaking with an on/off switch, a low profile, a platform with a 0.8kg/1.8lb. load capacity, and two white rubb ... more info

PRO Scientific 512000-00 VSR-50 provides a rhythmic side-to-side motion and its variable speed allows for a gentle to vigorous movement. This makes it ideal for gel staining per destaining, northern and southern hybridization, western blotting as well as ... more info

The Labnet GyroMini S0500 Nutating Mixer waving platform shaker has a fixed speed of 20 rpm, a platform with a nonslip black rubber mat that holds small tubes and bottles with a total weight of 1.75lb., and a fixed 20-degree platform tilt angle for a gent ... more info

The ELMI TRMS-04 model DTS-4 incubating orbiting platform shaker has a speed range of 100 to 1,300 rpm; a platform that holds up to four standard microplates; an orbit size of 1.5mm; digital control and LED readout of speed, temperature, and time; timed o ... more info

PRO Scientific 592000-00 VSN-5 nutating mixer is a combination of an orbital shaker and rocker which produces a three dimensional action while providing gentle, thorough mixing without foaming. This high quality unit can be used for a variety of applicati ... more info

Labnet's Revolver accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between. Changing the mixing angle is easy simply turn the rotisserie. No tools are required. Interchangeable rotisseries accept tubes from 1.5 m ... more info

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